Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Archangel Michael once helped me to keep my father from murdering my mother

A photo of my father around the age this incident took place.
I was listening last night to my favorite talk radio host, George Noory who had a clairavoyant on whose last name is Virtue. Their subject was angels, and I heard her say that the Archangel Michael is the most powerful angel in charge of earth, and anyone can instantly call for his help as he has the power to lock into everyone. I got very excited and wanted to call in and tell the story of how this angel helped me so much one time. First I was told that he was my father's special guardian angel and then years later I learned that my father had held his thirty thirty rifle on my mother for 30 minutes all the time threatening to kill her. I knew if ever there was a time to call on his guardian angel for help this was the time. I immediately asked for the Archangel Michael who rsponded instantly to my call for help as though he had been waiting for it. I asked him to please travel in the spirit to my father with me while I talked to him every night. I was just sure that if we did not intervene he would murder my mother. I told the angel that I could not call my father and talk to him. He would be too furious at my mother for telling us about the murderous threat. So with the angel by my side, I would go in spirit and talk to my father urgently for sometimes up to two hours! I would tell him all the reasons why he needed to keep control over his rage. Every night for two months, I would go with the Angel and to my father's bedside, and once again make contact with his tortured spirit. The prsence of this great angel gave me inspiration about what to say all those nights. Sometimes I would be too tired to stay long, but I did not miss a night in going to try to intervene. I did not dare!
Finally after two months of these nightly visits I felt the danger had eased enough for me to return to normalcy. The peak of my father's fury had reached its zenith, and once his anger cooled, I did not think he would again so lose control of himself as to seize his rifle which I also knew to have a hair trigger. I knew this great angel had known that this murder would be very bad for many people, affecting members of the family for years which was why he had responded to the urgency in my call for help.
To this day I have hardly heard anybody talk about the Archangel Michael until last night. So I wanted to bear witness here about what this great angel did for me, my father and mother, and our family.


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