Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sister Linda moves as far as LA and sees the play

Linda's son Scott came and with the help of my son Dan loaded what belongings they could in my sister Linda's van and a u-haul trailer they rented, and Scott drove her as far as LA. He is helping with the play, so they were going to stay there for the weekend before making the last leg of the journey to SF. Today they will be joined by Linda's daughter, Carissa, who is flying in from SF to meet with Utah relatives coming to see the play tonight.
Linda has reported on the family site that if she tried to lift much of anything, she suffered, but said she saw the play and enjoyed it. She left her dogs in care of her companion, Leo, who is still living in her house, but it has gone into foreclosure. What a wrench tis was for her to leave her house, quite a lot of her belongings and art work, books, as well as her dogs, and her male companion of 4 years, to move to SF, but she is going to look after her two grandchildren after school, until their busy parents can get home from their jobs We are hoping she will eventually get all the red tape taken care of, and acquires medicaid or whatever it is called in California, so she can have an MRI of her back at the request of a specialist. Looks like that is going to be required now as she continues to have numb hands. After trying to lift things she has decided that possibly the problem does originate in her back.
I am still recovering from the strain I got breaking my fall with my left arm. My elbow is very sore which hit the hardest and suffered a bad scrape as well as a bruise. I can tell you I have been watching myself ever since that fall when I walk out and about as I did to the Farmer's market this morning. I purchased some delicious looking wheatberry bread, vine ripened tomatoes, fresh turnips, beets and onions. I do love the Farmer's Market where the produce is the very freshest anywhere! The temerature is expected to reach 86 degrees here this weekend, a really warm spell. Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.


Lisa said...

Awww, I cannot imagine having to leave my animals, it must be hard for her to do that. I wish her the best with her big move.

Sugar said...

i just found your blog!!! so i added myself as a follower. lol i'm trying to thin out those i follow & here i am adding a few today! lol
sorry to hear of your sisters misfortune. will say a prayer for her.
have a good wkend.

Pamela said...

How exciting for Raymond to have his family see the play tonight. I thought of driving up to LA to see it tonight...but I was just too tired from the busy work week. Are we still meeting next week? I sure hope so.
Sorry about your sister. I hope she does ok out here in CA. How heartbreaking to lose her home.


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