Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I thought you might like to see bougainvillea in February in Phoenix

The bougainvillea looks more beautiful out front than it will any other time of the year, which seems unbelievable considering a winter storm dropped 2 feet of snow in the Arizona high country this past two days. This is a state of many contrasts. I am just trying to cheer all of you up in the cold climes where the weather is still unrelenting, stormy and COLD.


Missie said...

I miss flowers! We won't see any here for another month at least.

Anonymous said...

I have one. It is brown & dead to the world right now. You brought on waves of nostalgia for last spring w/this picture. Wait, THIS spring isn't that far off, but it feels as if it is. ~Mary

Paula said...


Anonymous said...

Gerry, thank you for your comment. I hope you weren't disappointed.

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