Thursday, February 5, 2009

Whitley Strieber talking about UFOs can take you somewhere you have never been before!

Whitley Strieber was on George Noory's show last night and listening to those two discuss UFOs is my idea of surreal. Whitley is so matter of fact about his 'close encounters' complete with implants that you can't help but be convinced of his authenticity. (At least I can't) He talked about the implant he now has in his ear, which not too long ago moved further down into his ear then back up again, annoying him so intensely he wanted to go have it out, which is no small undertaking, since the doctor who specializes in doing this that he would want is so booked up taking out implants that seeing him even for Whitley Striber may not be easy. I think this doctor is named Lear and he has operated on at least 15 people to remove these implants. I heard him one night describing how everything in a patient's home was magnetized, even plastic spoons. He says this common for people who have implants, and then he described the strange material these implants can be made of. Whitley and George Noony were talking about that last night, and when they took calls a man said that he had two implants come out of his body which looked like glass.
Whitley says he is angry because it so hard to convince many that this really happens. If they saw an x-ray of the implant still in his body, they would still be disbelieving. He says some people have been very cruel and denigrating of him over his experiences. I do think that if people have not experienced a UFO encounter it is very hard for them to take serious all the 'proof' in the world.
Both Whitley and George Noory think that if the US would disclose all their information on UFO sightings here, etc, as other countries are doing, this would go a long ways in giving credibility to the UFO phenomenon.
He said something that really struck home to me, that now in such a depressing time, we really need to realize that there are beings among us who have been coming for years who seem to want to reveal to us a technology way beyond ours. They must get frustrated with our determination to see nothing and believe nothing no matter what displays they put on of their power and how many people see it.
I went to Whitley's web site which is: and read about a huge sighting in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia in which a big UFO seemingly crashed. Thousands witnessed the sighting and it was seen as far away as Kuwait, but it was not reported at all in our country. See, we don't believe nothin'.
Just as their hour of taking calls drew to a close a man called who said he was in the military and he disclosed info about the crashing of a UFO where beings from outer space were seen hurt and being loaded into another craft, something like that, only he asked to speak to George off the air as he said he could go no further in what he said because of the United State's no disclosure policy. Now they are hoping that Obama will favor open disclosure which will make it much easier, Whitley said, for people like him to be believed. Not only will we not pay any attention to these scarey beings from outer space but we abuse those people who have had close encounters like Whitley! I know people denigrate him and question his ability to tell the truth about anything. I have heard them.
I know it is because of the fear we feel trying to wrap our minds around such a phenomenon. Whitley has written very convincingly about this fear, too. He experienced it. He said that if someone had told him a year before he had a close encounter this would happen, he would have laughed in their faces, so he understands people's skepticism, but it is not good to torture people who insist they have had a close encounter. I feel that some of these encounters might be mental aberrations, but not all of them. There is just too much proof if you read all the material available to think all these people who see UFOs are deluded. Well, it was a fascinating evening. Whitley and Art Bell are on Saturday night with Dreamland. I often miss this one show a week but I am up for Coast to Coost with the fascinating and accessible George Noory all during the week. What I love about George Noory is that he never puts anybody down, even when it is obvious they are half demented. He is kind and respectful. Which is why people love him. He finds what is valuable in people's insights, and to him the unknown are as important as the famous.

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Lisa said...

I'll take a look at the website you mention. I am always fascinated by these stories. I don't know if I believe all of them but I do believe there are other life forms whom I hope are more intelligent than we are and haven't destroyed their planets the way we are.


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