Monday, February 23, 2009

Sister Ann receives warning of danger

Ann had just been reading a book by John Edwards, one of America's famous mediums, called "Crossing Over," which our niece Cheryl had given her. She was talking to Cheryl on the phone about a book project and she said that somethng very odd happened. She felt and even saw in her mind what seemed like a bolt of lightning. It went into her computer as she was talking and then she thought it went through my sister LaRae who has been dead over 20 years, who seemed to be right there, and from there it went into her ex-husband Vernon, who is still alive, Cheryl's father. Ann said she did not want to say anything to Cheryl right then, but she decided to heed John Edward's instructions to share these experiences in order to give them validity.
So she went to the family site after she hung up and wrote down what had transpired. And then she asked Cheryl if anything was going on with her dad, had something happened to him very recently?
Well, folks, it had not happened yet! Later, I am not sure how long, Cheryl came on the family site and said a few hours after my sister Ann posted this entry, her dad Vernon was in a car wreck. It disabled his car so that he could not drive it, he was shaken up and upset because he had not seen the vehicle he hit, but did not seem to be seriously hurt.
I thought that this psychic pickup was real and undoubtedly happened because my sister Ann was so in tune at the moment with all the people involved. I do not think we can get these advanced warnings unless we remain open and aware and always concerned about the safety and well being of those around us. Ann could not stop the event from happening, but her sensing danger would give comfort to Cheryl and Colette, Vernon's daughters, conveying to them, that no, they were not alone. The mother they have missed so many years was close by and watching over them, and had once again made contact, as she has done many other times when a family member is in crisis.
My sister Linda has had many dreams about her, since her crisis with her back and her numb hands has begun. She said when I talked to her yesterday that our sister LaRae spoke to her very strongly in a dream and said, "Leave now, go as fast as you can." Moving to San Francisco right now seems to be the fastest way she can get seen by a specialist since she has been advised that she would have to wait up to 45 days here to get on medicaid and see a specialist. If she moves to San Francisco she will be under the watchful eye of her daughter who I am sure will be able to help her to get this seen about. She said she had a very bad night just from trying to pack, but her son Scott is coming today from Los Angeles to drive her van. She will need a bed in back she said because there is no way she can sit up all that way. People with serious problems like this are having a tough time right now getting seen in a timely manner. I just hope that she gets to San Francisco within the next few days without serious mishap and is soon seen there. I fear that surgery will be her only alternative, as she is not recovering.
I am recovering from my fall well and was able to walk to the library yesterday with a load of books to return. Walking keeps the body strong, so I realized I needed to get going again as soon as possible. It is the best protection from gaining more weight there is. I told Doc yesterday it is very hard for me to hold my weight in check when he is not holding his drinking in check. I spend too many hours alone, while still attached to him. I am unable to spend more time with him because of his drinking. He is just too irritable.
I am going to Los Angeles with him if for no other reason than that he volunteered and I need someone to accompany me. He realizes this is going to be a test of his strength and is already worrying some about his drinking. He said he would not be carrying his thermos on the bus, but I am afraid he will go into withdrawal if he doesn't. He really wants to get out of this constriction on his life alcohol imposes. I know he is excited by the magnitude of what Raymond has been able to do sober, which he could not do. Without sobriety and good health habits, there is no way in the world Raymond could have gone to Los Angeles and staged his play. No way! I think Doc is impressed. He could disdain what happens in Utah, but Raymond going to Los Angeles was a step that he had to admire in spite of himself.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry about your fall & hope you recover 100% soon.

My Mother had many dreams that came true, as well as daytime premonitions, but they all seemed to hold the same level of truth to her, so she'd not know which would happen & which would not until after the fact. I remember the "church" telling her this was evil work & she had to ignore those forces LOL.

It has happened to me also, only thru dreams, but not at all with the frequency with which it happened to my mom.

Pamela said...

Interesting about that premonition. I'm glad you are recovering well from the fall you had.


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