Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gerry and Doc Barcelona, Woody Allen style

I brought Woody Allen's "Vicky Christina Barcelona" home yesterday, and oddly enough, it reminded me of aspects of Doc's and my life together. Like the characters in this movie, I am always seeking completion, and might go to bizarre lengths to make all my dreams come true. Like Woody, Doc is willing to analyze my character for hours on camera. Time and again I knock on the door only to hear my own voice inside as Doc watches one of the many movies he has made of me pontificating or in some cases even verbally abusing him. He has given these home movies all their own names. For example yesterday he was watching "F-U-N." I have no idea what that's about as I can't stand to watch myself over and over again as he can. I no longer feel he is that devoted to me. He is just devoted to the woman he sees on camera with a movie he has made which he feels shows his genius in questioning me and bringing out the shrew in me, or whatever he was aiming for. Doesn't that sound like Woody Allen? So here is a sample of our lives with an unexpected twist that will be sure to make you smile at least a little bit.

Thank you, Connie, for this horsey interpretation of Doc's character! See Windswept Whispers on my blog list.


Nelishia said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this as always. I think he cares alot about you. How could he not?

I wish he could lay down the alcohol too but the quality companionship is rare to find. I say hold onto it unless it ever became violent or abusive emotionally.

Hugs, Nelishia

Ann said...

Loved that comic horse...and the very beautiful one on the edge of Wild Horse Mesa. Tell Doc that horse reminds me of those shards of humor he makes, coming at unexpected times. (Woody Allenish)
I enjoyed this video. How could you not enjoy making a sharp video?
You do tell the tale.

sober white women said...

This was a good one!

Connie said...

You and Doc crack me up.He really is a sweetie-it's no wonder you're fond of him..and he knows a lady when he sees one-he's not about to let you get far away....


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