Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Catching up

Connie sent me this snag featuring James Dean. I don't know if she knew that he came a number of times after he passed over to give me messages and to make sure that I stayed safe on a trip. I figured that he found me through my psychic abilities to pick up messages from the dead. To that extent I have been somewhat of a medium my whole life, but knew I did not have the capabilities to be a working one.
I was just reading another memoir by an English medium who happened to have been a policeman for many years. One of the ways that he found out he was gifted was when he was quite young, in high school I think it was, he met up with a kid he thought was kind of strange, but he hung around, and so one day he decided to introduce him to another friend. The friend just laughed and said something he didn't quite understand. He introduced this kid to still another friend, and this one said something to this effect, "Your idea of a joke, right, introducing me to a friend who isn't there!" He finally realized from what the other one said that he had not seen this kid either, that neither one of his friends saw him because he was a spirit!
I have never heard of an experience quite like this, but some people's psychic gifts manifest in strange ways, very often with seeing a spirit in their younger years.
I was listening to the George Mooney show the other night and someone came on and told him about a dream of the future he had. I wanted so badly to get on the phone and call George because I have had so many dreams of the future. Years ago James Dean came and gave me a message as I was drivng down a road in Los Vegas where I lived for a short time. I was even wide awake and James Dean spoke in my ear and said, "There is going to be a death in governmental circles, a man in his forties, a theatrical personality." I thought oh, this must be bad for him to come and tell me when I am awake, but for the life of me I could not think who this could be, because I don't think I could fathom at that time that someone would assassinate President Kennedy. This message came in late August, and I had this dream on my mind until President Kennedy was killed in November.
James Dean went on to other activities after a few years and so did I.
My sister Linda has been dreaming non stop about her ailment and what could be wrong. I have never seen anyone dream as much as she does. She is the dreamer in the family, more so than I am. She seems to think in dreams.
Last night I had a dream that someone waa wearing a red, white, and blue necklace that was designed in the form of a choker, that is it lay close to the neck in this almost magical beaded design that could change form right on the neck. President Obama is to speak today at Dobson High School to address the severe economic problems in Arizona where foreclosures are so high. So I think this necklace kind of represents his visit of hope to our citizens who certainly need it, who have lost jobs and homes.
Linda is resigned to losing her home as she can't afford the bills of keeping her home up either with an injury and inability to find and hold a job. She has decided to go to California, as her daughter has called her and told her she is already lookng for an apartment for her, and will fly down to LA to see my son Raymond's play so she can drive her back to SF.
Linda also told me this morning that she remembered she wielded a pick and shovel a couple of months or so ago when she was putting in a little garden! The ground was very hard and she remembers hitting a rock with the pick and causing her back to twinge. She thinks that after that she started with the numbness in her hands. She thinks that she was too hard on her body for her age, thinking she could do pick and shovel. I said, yes, especially, when you aren't doing it on a regular basis. How many people have attempted to do something they are not used to with bad results, like shoveling a ton of snow? She nounded pretty cheerful this morning, saying she could probably work through all the red tape to see a specialist in Calif, as fast as she could here, since the budget has been severely cut to the Department of Economic Security.
I am very concerned about all the people starting to hurt who have been laid off. I know that has to be a top priority in the months to come. As soon as any knd of work stimulus package comes, Arizona has plenty of highways, etc, that have been neglected for years.
One good note, after ten years of drought, Roosevelt Lake is reported to be more full than it has been in 98 years! Could that be? They are going to have to let the Salt River flow again. A lot of moisture must have come down just this winter. Joy! Now if it just doesn't flood!


sober white women said...

The other day while I was napping my dad came to me in a dream. What he told really did not shock me it just confirmed what I already knew.

Connie said...

Yep-I had read that in one of your previous entries,so when the tube for James Dean came into my inbox I just had to hurry and make those for you-cause I luv ya babes!!!


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