Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hectic day ends well as problems get solved...

Carlene came to my rescue after I migrated 1 copy of my journal and 2 more partial copies. She told me very clearly just what to do, and it worked! I got the partial ones deleted just fine. You just have to know where things are. Every blog I go to, I read about some other problem I might run into, but a day at time!

To say nothing of the world practically coming to an end for some people economically today. Can't remember a worse day for the stock market. My sister Ann said one of our friends, just a hard working gal, reported she had just lost 14 thousand dollars just like that. I hope she does not lose anymore.

Missie says the paragraph feature does not work like it did for AOL. That is true. Let us see if I can live with this. I can see I am not going to get around to all the friends I wanted to visit tonight. I am already tired. I just wanted to say I am here with migration problems solved. Found the dash board, but can't find how to edit that stuff on my sidebar where I describe photos of my family that did not make it over here. Sounds odd, and for the life of me I cannot find the what do you call it that will let me do anything about it. I need to go to sleep!

Doc cannot do without me because I don't smoke! I said but I hate you because you drink! He said I know it. But first he has to find a likely woman who will let him drink but doesn't smoke. Tall order, I would say.


Ann LRD said...

First go to your side bar of words and pictures you want to save. Highlight the whole works and copy!

Click on Layouts for your Blog here, it will take you to add a gadget page. Click on add a gadget in sidelist. That will take you to a page of gadgets. The 10th one down on the list called text is the one you want to add to your blog:)

When you open it, paste all you copied from your old Journal. Click on save. It will take you back to the Layout page. Click Save on the Layouts page.

Have fun!

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

Hi Gerry, I had problems also. I still have one more journal to move, my original one before I started making graphics. I'm very nervous about getting that one over here because it actually means very much to me...Welcome!!!

Carlene Noggle said...

glad to be of help Gerry!!!
love ya,

Bea said...

Hi Gerry... I just read your comment at my place... good to see you here. I had minor problems getting here myself... mostly with pictures, but I'll try to get them back later. I don't like how the paragraphs work here either... I'm fastidious about my paragraphs... and though I'm setting them up the way I want them, they are not publishing in the same manner. Ugh! Like you said, one thing at a time. Have a good week! bea


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