Saturday, October 18, 2008

My thoughts on Saturday...

I feel like I need to sum things up today even though I know many of you are busy with Saturday things to do. I was, too, for a while, having gone to the store to get some soy milk since I was completely out. While there I went across the street and purchased three books that look good, but I will have to put off reading them for a while since I over tired my eyes checking out all the journals I visit on occasion to see if they had migrated, and getting their new links, so I can visit them once again. In fact I had to lay and listen to Talk Radio all evening to rest my eyes. That's what I always used to do when my eyes gave out. Now I have growing cataracts I am going to have to pay attention!

The conservative talk show hosts on KFYI were distinctly acting up. It seems that McCain refused to visit some of the conservative hosts like the one on Savage Nation, and Mr Savage was furious. He was spitting fire because both McCain and Obama went to a dinner hosted in New York by liberals of course and Mr Savage accused McCain of acting just like a liberal, no difference, visiting the talk shows like Lettermen's while ignoring all the conservatives out there in radio land, assuming they would just vote for him even if he ignored them! It seems that McCain got irked at some of the conservatives, and I don't blame him. They were throwing tantrums last night like little kids. Russ Limbaugh acts like he is going to vote for him and is directing his minions to do the same. He kept going on and on about Michelle Obama ordering lobster, Iranian caviar, and champagne in her hotel suite I assume while her husband was to this dinner. I finally got tired of that being made so much of and moved on, despsite the fact Russ just signed a contract worth millions, but he does a commercial every few seconds. I think it is his salesman ship that makes him so popular with sponsors.

I ended up listening a quiet hour or two to the paranormal that they always have late at night on KFYI. The public was calling in and telling stories about seeing spirits. The hosts are very kind and nice and this section was soothing enough to my soul that I was able to drop off to sleep. I well tell just one story that quite struck me. Someone was visiting his friends and he said to them, "who is that old gentleman I just saw outside? He was there, but he went around the corner of the house." They asked questions, and the daughter said that it was her father. He had passed and every one in a while he was seen around the place, but she said, he usually does not come unless something is happening he wants us to know about. The answering service on her phone was flashing its little red light so she checked her messages and there was a frantic call from her doctor warning her not to take any of the medication he had just prescribed to her. It was wrong and could kill her! Who knows. If the friend had not come in saying he had seen her father, she might not have checked the message service before she took the lethal medication she had just brought home!

The photo is of me in a last days of summer outfit looking kind of sleepy. It is still very warm here. You guys would roast. It takes a while for fall to get to Phoenix!


Laura said...

Micheal Savage. My mom was at a dinner with her significant other some years ago and he was there. I think he is 'friends' or friendly with my Mom's BF, actually. Smart guy that Mr. Weiner, but brutal.My mom and her BF are staunch Republicans, extremely intellectual and religious/spiritual people. Catholic both. Both born and raised in SF. I think this nit picky stuff Rush is doing/saying about Michelle Obama is ridiculous. Surely he has more pertinent issues to take up. It can't be what Barack's wife is ordering in. Sheesh!

Pamela said...

Interesting story about that lady and her father who appears. I would enjoy a radio station like that.
I haven't listened to Rush Limbaugh in years. I didn't know he was still around.
Loved that outfit you have on. You look very nice!


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