Monday, October 13, 2008

Election conclusons...

As I struggle through this election process in the midst of a lot of financial turmoil, I have been trying to draw my conclusions about what I see shaping up. My new blogger friends won't know that I am such a political animal as my aol journal friends are aware of, but I now do a blog on which is the blog site for the newspaper, the Arizona Republic, which I have been reading for years and years. I just started my blog there several weeks ago called G4Life. I also do some political videos on my Youtube channel gerryking40 where my creative partner Doc has helped me to film 50 videos!
I took three of my plays and turned them into a mini series, with Doc and I playing all the characters improv style. I am holding up doing another series for a while, at least until the election is over. One of my series is taken from my play and my memoirs called Daughters of the Shadow Men, so if you want to find out some of what my life was all about I refer you to that series: gerryking40 on Youtube. Shadow men is what I term fathers and husbands like my dad who was essentially gay I thought but married back in the old days in lieu of ever 'coming out' so great was the stigma attached to homosexuality! Still don't come out but rarely in those country ranching towns. Most of the time the women or children are not aware, or only dimly aware in some cases that something is not quite normal in their relationships.
So this became one of my issues, the hidden homosexuality in some marriages and how it affects the other mate and the family. (This is behavior not just confined to the males, but I think it is much more common among men) I also had a grandmother raised in polygamy so that became another of my issues in Mormon Utah which eventually caused me to leave the church among other reasons.
My mother was also one of the women who was reputed to have aborted a child with 'a coat hanger.' I think she said it was a catheter that her aunt sent her. I never thought that this self induced abortion improved things at all, but I could see that her frustration with her marriage was the primary reason she became so desperate. (I had awareness of the problem my dad had when very young.) So the abortion issue became a big one for me. I have always been on the side of Life as my mother went on to have three more children, sisters I have enjoyed immensely. My mother went through a repentence process for a number of years, just as though she had committed a violent crime. She never tried to justify it.
I felt we had gone down the wrong road with Roe vs Wade, which overturned the restraints to abortion that had been in place in most of the states for years. New York I think allowed abortion for more reasons but most states did not. Because of this decision about which I thought the Supreme Court Justices were not prudent, abortion numbers went sky high and have remained at troubling numbers ever since.
40 million children are aborted every year world wide. The last abortion statistics reported over 1.2 million in this country alone, estimating about 1 out of 4 children aborted! A recent article in a Mormon Magazine Ensign reported that this yearly toll is more children than soldiers were killed in World War I and World War II put together. We have just got used to abortions. Well, so did China and Russia, and they also got used to the holocausts of millions of adults, too, as happened in Nazi Germany's attack on the Jews and other groups. We can become very blase about holocausts which are going on right now with the unborn as long as it is not us who are cast as the victims. What makes the abortion issue so difficult is because every mother who attains one is assured that she did nothing wrong by the abortion factions, and pretty soon she sees nothing wrong with it.
I am troubled in these elections because Obama has supported Roe vs Wade all the way, I am afraid because he perceives that was the only way for him to insure the nomination. Unfortunately he was probably right. Bush and McCain on the other hand have supported a war in Iraq for the wrong reasons that has been ruinously expensive, and so they do not have the support to win this election I am afraid. Such men may love making war more than saving the lives of the unborn. It is going to take not making such mistakes to do anything about abortion. The practice has become deeply entrenched.
So I await the election knowing that the democrats are the party of abortion and thinking how I will fight should they win. It will be hard. Clinton was a pro choice candidate I hated to see win as was his wife Hillary. Black people are generally loyal to the democratic party which gave them the civil rights they and the Kennedys fought for. But that was before the democrats encountered the deep pockets of rich democrats who favored the philosophy of abortion. I would say these are the liberal, leftist thinkers who were influenced by communist thinking in Russia and China, of which abortion became an integral policy. Did we want that? I don't think we thought much about it. Those who do not think much about their beliefs are doomed to be dominated by those who do and are willing to use force to implement their ideas. Abortion is a violent means to control population and a number of other factors thought to be 'necessary' in an overcroweded world, according to that line of thought. Money is a means to bring in the new order.
The new order was abortion on demand, so it will take some doing to restore the integrity of the democratic party, to my mind, of which I have long been a member. I vote republican when I think they are more principled, especially on this issue. But when I hear war mongering from the republicans I am thrown into a quandry and don't know whether even to vote.


Cathy said...

Gerry I'm going out on a limb bec you make it easy here at your home, you always have. First I believe once you have a life forming within you, any choice is lost - your choice is made before and during sex. Life is life is life. A zygote may look like a splot of tissue but it's a potential human being. Second Obama is an elitist and McPain is a moron, we've been insulted with the paucity of choices this time round. Ralph Nader we meet again. Third I don't know how you navigated life with the hard shadows in the corners but bless you for doing it, you've made me a richer person for knowing you.

Missie said...

Great entry! Have a good night.

ADB said...

Ain't I glad I ain't votin' in this here doggone election lol


PS: Not everybody likes the word verification Gerry - I don't mind.


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