Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hello, friends, just arrived!

I just got over here. I am looking around seeing where I am and wondering, but it feels okay. I have a new e-mail, but of course, I still have my old one, too.
Oops, the browser works. I had Doc take this photo today. I am going to send you all my new link. I am glad that we have a new home to go to with AOL Journals shutting down. It only took a few minutes to migrate, but I did have the darndest time getting my new e-mail to work in my account.
I have been quite depressed today, I think because the economy news. I also had to delete a very nasty commenter on my political blog: G4Life. She just wouldn't quit. She used to comment under another name on my journal, so now she has changed her screen name and is getting very vicious over on my political blog. Reminds me of a lady here who specializes in saying extremely nasty things to everybody. She told one of the office staff, "Oh, you are married to a Mexican, it's a wonder you are not on welfare!" She calls the black guys bad names and anyone and everybody fags She is a nice looking woman, too. Complaints have been made, even restraining orders, but I think management has lost patience with her and is starting an eviction attempt. Of couse, she will appeal.
So I am licking my wounds. I think this will be a nicer place than my political blog, but you have to expect some ferocious comments if you discuss some of the issues I do. Then Doc got all fired up over the debate and called all night. I just had to be patient. He can't get excited at night. I just have to say it is the bad economy!
Just saying hello today.


Laura said...

She sounds like a real winner!
Glad you made it over here. I think you will like it.

Pamela said...

Glad to see you over here. I'm so sad about AOL journals. But, life keeps going.
Did you migrate your old journal? I need to do that.

Missie said...

Sounds like that woman has some mental issues! Glad you joined us!

Nelishia said...

Let me give you the grandest welcome over here with all your friends. I hope that it will be a much kinder place than your political blog. That nasty commenter, I wish you had a way you could block her. Your neighbor who behaves so hatefully spends a lot of energy on anger. It's a wonder she isn't in all kinds of ill health feeling that way toward everybody because it does affect one's body.

Anyway, I'm very glad you're here.


Yasmin said...

Hi Gerry good to see you here, Welcome


Lori said...

Hi Gerry! Your blog looks really good. I'll be back to read more as soon as I get myself a bit more organized.

Malagutigrrl said...

Hooray! You Made It!!

Paula said...

Just saying "HI" to you. Paula

ada said...

Don't you just love those people?! You just have to remember not to take their insults personally (easier said than done!!). It's not your fault they're walking billboards for misery.


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