Thursday, October 23, 2008

Signs of a big election participation means people care this year

I don't know whether to be super excited about the big interest in voting this year but I think every time America decides to vote it is a good thing. Doc and I spent the day doing a video about the two of us deciding to run for president We are announcing our decision and presenting our platforms. We finally got one we both could live with and it is on its way up to Youtube right now. I will be able to download it on this blog tomorrow.
I was happy that Sheria was able to respond to my objections to the democratic party's platform for choice without anger, even though I know she feels passionately about this issue. If we can all just manage to talk about the issues and different solutions without going to war with each other it will be a plus. She mentions some very important points for anyone to consider who wants to see the decision overturned when Roe vs Wade went to the Supreme Court, which in my opinion would result in far less deaths under the states' jurisdiction. I think the legalized abortion experiment across the land has been a mistake because the deaths are too high, and it has encouraged people to use it for birth control. That to me is not humane.
I do feel that every time people feel pressure from a rising population they are tempted to seek violent solutions. If man turns to violence that means he has essentially given up on the solutions from a higher power which would eliminate bloodshed. Legalized abortion was practiced heavily in China and Russia before the rest of the so called civilized nations adopted it to control the burgeoning population of the poor mainly, is my belief. The people who favored it were in too big of hurry to develop more civilized solutions to such problems. Maybe they were too savage to believe in them. If you read Chinese or Russian history, after their revolutions the communist party became responsible for large numbers of the adult populations being exterminated, as well.
The price we have paid for advances in medical science is longer lives. To those who hate a challenge, perhaps that is something that can't be tolerated without the option of pro choice, which means don't interfere if your nieghbor wants to abort her child, but my view on this was always that only a desperate woman considers abortion, and what society needed to do was support the non violent solution. Yes, that has to be done in every way, and it was being done before Roe vs Wade We had years and years of trying to make society more supportive of pregnancy so women would not seek back alley abortions or resort to the infamous 'coat hanger' to cause their own abortions. I always thought that society needed to take some responsibility for every abortion that happened in those days.
Now these support systems have been greatly weakened after 35 years of legalized abortion. It is as though we are pointing the way to the abortion clinic for desperate women. If we create a society where so many women are going to have causing the deaths of their own offspring on their consciences, we are doing a disservice to those women. Laws help women not to resort to such upsetting acts. Good laws tell women that society recognizes violence is not a good solution, so laws need to exist to help people not to commit violence. Abortionists should not be sanctioned by law, people who profit from the deaths of our own offspring. This should give anybody pause. And if we do not allow abortionists then we will be expected to provide other kinds of help to desperate women in order to save their children just as we did in this country for decades. We knew we had to provide support and many caring people were involved in providing support. Churches have provided sanctuaries for centuries for the desperate. We have to see the full picture. I was 42 years old before Roe vs Wade so I saw what was in place in those days, and how rapidly these services weakened with legalized abortion, until we are aborting children who wouldn't even be conceived if abortion weren't legal. That is how bad this law is. It encourages abortion, that is all there is to it, and if the numbers do not convince what will? I thought we still had a long ways to go in providing good outcomes of these kinds of problems. We needed to tackle them in all kinds of ways. Death is the most primitive solution possible, the one where the least thought is required, the one that says we are giving up on progress without killing.


sober white women said...

I use to work for a petition company. I would tell people to stop complaining or go vote. I also believe that everyone who is able should vote. I don't care who you vote for, just vote. It is one of rights.
Incase anyone needs the info you can go to and register to vote.

Missie said...

I think one of the biggest responsiblities we have as American's is to vote!

Nelishia said...

One of the biggest things we forget when we inherit liberty is responsibility. We have rights when we are born humans and then laws are passed to make sure we maintain them, to keep people from infringing on them. Anytime we are given this much choice on anything there needs to be an acknowledgement and a heeding of responsibility even more than thumping the law. If that had happened, then abortion would never have become the number one choice for birth control. Morality isn't subjective either for that would mean it would be right to kill someone just because it wasn't wrong to the murderer. There are celestial laws whether agreed upon or acknowledged, the truth still remains. Abortion for convenience should never have ever been allowed. There should be less pregnancies now that ever, yet the rate has gone up and younger ages because having sex and getting by with it without your parents' knowing means being a grown up to a kid. Using it to space your children as a married couple is irresponsibility at its worst and should be fined or jailed for being so careless.

My opinions are just those and have no room for heated arguement or debate as that's not my motive. Simply each of us taking a turn and expressing how we all feel in a calm rational manner without any personal jabs at any one else. I like civility and no drama much better than arguing.


Jeannette said...

I do not know the case you mentioned. I can only say that I am against abortion UNLESS there are medical problems that could cost the mother her life or if the unborn child had an incurable condition. Over here there are women who have had five or six abortions, as you say they use it as a method of birth control when there are so many alternatives. Plus there are always people desperate to adopt a baby. Life is held far too cheaply these days. I know this is a contentious issue but I am entitled to voice my opinion as you have done very eloquently.
On a lighter note, I love your hat!!

Yasmin said...

A very jaunty hat makes me think of spring.

On the Abortion issue I belive that it's womans right to chhose and I doubt tha many women take it lightly, unlike those who use it as a kind of Birth control, however saying that there have been great leaps in birth Control, and yes accidents do happen, but use the preventative measures given, it would save a lot of heartache, there are far too many unwanted children.



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