Monday, October 20, 2008

Tribute to Jewel and her beloved Grand Canyon...

Here is a photo of Jewel who used to hike up and down the Grand Canyon like it was nothing. Well, she died last week after struggling very hard to stay alive after a devastating heart attack several years ago that ruined her lungs at the same time. (She aspirated vomit in to her lungs before the paramedics arrived and they did not realize it) She was not only my sister Ann's best friend, but a friend of the rest of the family, too. She was always so animated and entertaining, we all like to stop to talk to her in her home in Flagstaff on our way to Utah.
Ann was doing one of the nicest things over the weekend, she drove to Flagstaff from her home in Utah to pay homage to her life long friend in her Memorial service at the elementary school where she taught. Well, Jewel will mark the trail for all of us, for sure, as she did for so many of us in the Grand Canyon. Her biggest delight was in talking someone to make that trek with her.
Not many did. But she will be joining an intrepid hiker, my sister LaRae, on the other side. These two women were probably our most fit hikers for many years. My sister LaRae, as a child, would be right there with the boys, making the most daring climbs. Jewel's father, Doyle, was known for his hiking feats, so she followed in his footsteps, literally. Jewel struggled to stay alive for her kids and grandkids whom Ann was able to visit in Flagstaff. She taught many children over the years. She and my sister Ann have that in common. They were both devoted teachers. Yes, they have done their part in making the world a better place. Ann is still tending her grandchildren, I am sure, wondering when she, too, will be taking her last journey up the long long trail.


ADB said...

RIP Jewel, quite some character. I'm not expecting anything else on your blog, Gerry. I hope she'll blaze a trail fit for us all to follow in time.

sober white women said...

The world has lost a great person. I would have loved to go hiking with her because I am sure she could have taught me a thing or two!

madcobug said...

My prayers go out for her family and friends. Helen

Sheria said...

Jewel is an inspiring person and it sounds as if she lived a magnicently satisfying life.

Jeannette said...

I am so sorry to read this, she sounds like she was a great person.

Yasmin said...

My Condolences to your friend Jewel, she sounded like a sprited lady.


Jeanie said...

Jewel sounded like a woman who knew her own mind and followed her heart. I can tell how greatly she will be missed by you and all her friends. God Bless her!
I'm so glad to have caught up with you on Blogger Gerry.
Jeanie xxx


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