Saturday, October 25, 2008

Whitley Striber talks about UFOs on KFYI

Last night I connected again with Whitley Striber who you may remember has written a number of books on his experiences with aliens, both in memoir and novel form. He was on a show called Coast to Coast AM which has taken the place of the old Art Bell show,'Dreamland.' I was so enthralled with this show I listened to it with rapt attention for 5 hours before I just finally fell asleep. Whitley was a guest host for George Noori and he has not been on for years. This show was everything you could want--Whitley and his wife Ann were so gracious, enthusiastic and interested in their callers' stories as were their two guests. One guest, a Dr. Lear has operated on about 15 people for UFO implants! The other was named Frank Shashino, something like that, I could not catch his name, but he has a website called, has researched many UFO sightings including this one in Flatswood, I believe West Virginia.
Anyway, Dr. Lear took out an implant that was impossible for any lab he took it to to break down and analyze, except that some of the material in it resembled that in meteors! Whitely revealed that he was again visited by UFOs before 2000 and an implant was put in his ear, which later traveled from one part of his ear down to the lobe. He said he was scared to death to have something in his body that could travel like that, but ex-rays revealed that it had little appendages that helped it to navigate in the body! Spooky! Whitley says so far he has kept his implant because he wants to see what happens, why they have put it there and what they expect to learn.
Dr. Lear said they also try to go to the living quarters of those who have implants he has removed (15 cases so far) to see if there is evidence around the dwelling of UFO visitation. In this last man's apartment all the kitchen silverware was magnetized as well as those instruments made of wood and plastic. The wheels on his car were magnetized and those on a boat sitting in his driveway. A section of the wall was taken to a lab to be analyzed because under ultra violet light two handprints that looked to be about the size of a child's hand were detected. They are hoping they will be able to take DNA off these handprints to try to learn more about the creature who made them.
If I remember right the man told them that about 6 to 8 small grays were involved, that is those with the big oval eyes, and also a large gray was mentioned. He said that in many abductions and implant stories, these grays are described as being there. Whitley saw the grays clear back as a child when he was visited.
They also said something last night that gave me a very exciting breakthrough thought in my own experiences of UFOs which are much more limited than Whitley's. But Whitley mentioned that he thought UFOs might be connected to us someway as one was reported saying to a man that his brother who had died about a week before in an automobile accident was okay, not to worry about him!
This led me to remember a near death experience in which my being was revealed in the body, the spirit so called, which traveled in a matter of seconds hundreds of miles an hour into space! I could feel myself zooming through space, and the journey was so exciting, like I was going to a place I had been before and I was going to see people I knew. Then I was jerked back out of the sky into my body, probably when some life saving oxygen was administered. I had gone into shock after a tonsilectomy at the age of 15.
I had a dream after that about someone I knew who had terminal cancer. I dreamed that she was about ready for the 'space journey' and I saw the little space ship in which she was going to travel to the beyond, almost like a second skin. When my sister was dying I also wrote a play about her visit to Phoenix when she had terminal cancer. She came bald from her cancer treatments, so when the alien appeared who had come to see and honor her in my play, he was also bald, dressed in a spaceship and his name was Blue. You could see the lights of the UFO outside the building. He was talking to her about death which he said was not really death but a space journey and her spirit would be the space being, once the body 'died'. He told her she was about ready for the 'space journey' and how to prepare for it. A large cast of family members and friends gathered in the play to meet Blue and visit the space ship so they would know more about how she was going to leave the earth. He revealed that everyone makes the 'space journey' when they die. She reported a dream not long before she died where she fled to the top of a building, fleeing murderers. There was no escape, so she reasoned that by now she should have grown her 'wings' so she dived out into space and flew away!
My sister was an intrepid climber and used to dive off the cliffs at Lake Powell. So I figured 'the space journey' would not frighten her that much. She had too much nerve.
So what if we are part of an experiment that is more real than we imagine, and we are coming from some other place through the 'life' that begins at conception to inhabit the earth for a certain amount of years. That this space being may come in our 'DNA.' What also triggered off this thought was the fact that there was material in these implants Whitley told us about that was biological in nature, like what human beings are made of! This was baffling and still is to these pioneer researchers who say that there is still almost universal denial by governments and a lot of people that the UFO phenomenon is real! Whitley thinks that is why the aliens went to implanting objects in people's bodies, so that evidence of their having been there could not be denied. They want us to know they are real. He said he also got a message from them that said 'if you can bear it, you can take what we are into your minds so to speak.' Many of the callers who had had such experiements talked about how traumatic it was to have a visitation.
Whitley gave them advice on how to handle it. He believes that not remembering is a way for the mind to try to escape the intensity and strangeness of the encounter. He said when we encounter the unexpected fear and upset are natural. He also conceded that there is a dark side to UFO phenomona as happens when aliens of every kind try to make contact, and they may be just like people on earth, some benign and some violent. He does not regret having the encounters because he does believe that we need to try to wrap our minds about such things! Could an encounter be anymore traumatic to a person than the dying experience? We come into the world with pain and struggle, and we leave the world with pain, struggle and fear.
I know we do because every single one of us is going to make that space journey some day. I know I am, and it is hard to fathom right now that one of these days, "Blue" will come for me and some way or another I will be flying off into space. It may be that is what does not die in us, that which comes from space and is our consciousness in this machine called a body designed for earth living that falls apart after so many years until it becomes useless and non functional in some vital way.
I listened from 10pm to 2am and not a minute when I was not riveted. In a way it was like hearing about my future space journey! I want to know more.

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