Sunday, March 7, 2010

Abortion comparison to slavery by Rep. Trent Franks (R) denigrated by Arizona Republic's columnist Montini in Sunday paper today

As could be expected, Montini, columnist for pro choice newspaper, the Arizona Republic, has nothing good to say about Representative Trent Frank's criticism of legalized abortion and its possible effects on the African American community. His intelligence is brought into question even as Montini asks Bryan Howard, CEO of Planned Parenthood, for his opinion. We could hardly get an objective opinion from the CEO of Arizona's leading abortion provider but that does not seem to bother Montini.
Now if I were to send a letter to the Republic pointing out how I think Franks makes a good point it most definitely would not be printed, since my file cabinet is full of letters sent to the Republic since 1973 when Roe vs Wade caused so many newspapers to go pro choice, that were never printed. I have had ONE letter printed in 35 years by the Republic which printed letters by Planned Parenthood heads, Gloria Feldt and Bryan Howard, as well as many letters by Dr. Brian Finley, Arizona's leading abortion doctor until he was charged and sent to prison for sexually harassing women who came to him for an abortion.
Montini reminds us that Bryan Franks is associated with Evan Meacham, Republican governor who was impeached, while no mention of the Republic's shoddy past supporting Dr. Finley the criminal abortion doctor has ever been allowed in the paper since.
We no longer see objectivity practiced by pro choice newspapers who slant their coverage however they feel like it to support their political views. Pro life thinkers will have to find another outlet such as blogs and videos to express their views or their support of other such thinkers. With the press against them, pro life believers have had a tough time getting their messages out to the public, but the public is slowly beginning to realize that the 'secular' thinkers who have been so passionate about separating church from state and getting religion out of the schools are also bent on keeping their presence out of the newspapers and magazines. Legalized abortion numbers have a better chance of expanding through government funding of abortion in the health care plan, if no arguments against ever get published in the newspapers that is for sure, even though Montini says that of course everybody wants to see abortion numbers drop. Oh, I find that hard to believe when so many newspaper writers such as Montini find nothing to object to in government funding of abortion. We do not know how anybody can expect numbers to drop if they don't actively seek to contain the number performed.
The American public is beginning to realize that pro choice thinkers are just as fanatical about achieving their goals and more ruthless than pro life thinkers ever thought of being! It took a long time for many to decide they needed to take an interest in this issue, unpleasant as the subject might be, or see the killing fields expand all around them, even as paid for by them, because they had not taken enough interest in what their tax dollars were going to be used for!
It sort of became back in 1973 if you want to keep your job on this newspaper you will support pro choice. That is the secret of why newspaper staffs went so amazingly pro choice. The intelligence of those who are beginning to protest in larger numbers was constantly denigrated.
Well, I say those who promote abortion fail to see the drawbacks and what is more they are not going to listen to any pro life arguments if they can possibly help it. Pro life thinkers have to fight back now, because opinions like Representative Franks' that are being denigrated as 'religious,' 'fanatical,' and 'stupid' just might be more logical than the violent solution of abortion that requires nothing more than killing to take care of the worst threat of a burgeoning welfare state for the government. What is so intellectual about wielding death? You tell me.

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vooman's voice said...

Last night I watched on CNN a program called SCREAM BLOODY MURDER. I was about all of the genicides that have taken place. They started with the Jews, but went of to all of the other genocides. There were certain people during all of these mass murders screaming "bloody murder" about it and all of the nations chose to ignore what was happening until each time hundreds of thousand of innocent people had been slaughtered. They nations don't want the expense...don't want to get involved...don't want to think about. USA and United Nations, according to this long program, is very guilty of turning their heads. China was selling the guns doing the killing...they didn't want to stop their profits.
If the world would concentrate on jobs, homes, food, energy and educations instead of spending so much of the budget on wars I think the world would be okay with all of it's people.
Maybe abortion just has not been called by it's proper name GENOCIDE OF UNBORNED BABIES. (Genocide: a deliberate extermination of an entire people.)
The only difference is that it is done one by one with the approval of a law that even the woman it tried is against. I think the whole abortion issue slowed down what women's rights are all about. The same wages for the same work...the glass ceiling, abuse, sexual molestion and being considered second class. etc.
This is not the old days where a woman is suppose to hang her head in shame for having a baby. The happiest thing in the world is a baby. Let's change the law.


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