Sunday, March 14, 2010

More on living in Boulder from sister Linda King

My sister Linda King, shown in photo with a San Francisco poet, Neeli Cherry, has just written a poem called "Irene's Store"and put it in her blog Vooman's Voice (see my blog list) that I think is a very good description of what life in Boulder was like for us five daughters of Clyde and Irene King. I am recommending it to you as a good poem. I hope that she and her son Scott will start filming her reading some of these poems and put them up on Youtube, as Linda is famous as a notable girlfriend of the late poet and novelist, the late Charles Bukowski in his heyday. The books stores of San Francisco are full of his books that still sell very well. I was surprised. His heirs, a wife and daughter, must be happy. But anyway the videos I have made of my sister Linda reading her poetry have been very popular, and I would love to see a video of her reading this poem, Irene's Store, since I don't think she will be getting back to Phoenix any time soon.
Her son Scott is there in San Francisco now and they are working on a screen play of her life with Bukowski. They are hoping to raise money to do the film. I am hoping they will be able to as the story is strong. I think what Hollywood always needs is a good story with lots of drama and plot twists and that is what they will get in this screen play.

2 comments: said...

The poem reminded me of us as kids.
She work on and improved it so much.
Read Lulinda's poetry!

Connie said...

Your sisters and you look alot alike...


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