Friday, March 19, 2010

I was talking to the Bohemian Cowboy in Austin, Texas tonight---

--who many of you know is my son, Raymond. (He is pictured in the beautiful header by Connie-one of my favorites) We had a long talk I really enjoyed and boy did I need it! I was feeling that my list of people I could talk to had almost dried up! All the while we were talking, I thought God is answering my prayers. I am sure he will be blogging in a day or so, and he will tell you what he is doing. We were talking about my memoirs and I realized after he hung up that in order to get out of writing about the worst thing that happened in my life I even transposed events and jumped ahead in time. My sister Ann was able to correct me by looking up the time line in one of her handy history books. The big flood did not occur until I was 6, so I am a year ahead of myself.
Now I will have to do some correcting in my memoirs and try to get it right. We sisters are all trying to write our memoirs and the worst trouble we have is trying to remember what happened when. We have a vague idea, but that does not get it.
I was tickled today to have my grandson Dante, 15, appear on Facebook, so now I can exchange a few remarks with him. He had barely appeared on there and somebody asked him about his videos on You tube so I had fun looking up the first one we made and putting it on Facebook, so he can go to it and link it to his profile where people can find it. The video is one about his dog bite which I think is still very pertinent telling people they can be bitten by dogs!

I will post the video at the end of this entry so you can take a look at it if you have never seen it. He couldn't talk about the bite which put him in the hospital for a week for a long time, but he was finally able to make this video.
It's going to be fun to talk to Dante on line as I had to ban him from my computer so did not know how I was going to talk to him since his dad has been working so many weekends we have not even been able to go to the movies together. I also have fun talking to his mother, Angelina, on Facebook, too. I asked my son Dan where he had disappeared to as he used to be on Facebook, too, but those conversations are too long for him. Ha. I have two sons, Gary and Dan, who are men of very few words. They both think I am incredibly long winded, and I was very puzzled by their shorter than short conversations, until I recently remembered my dad was a man of very few words. He could go all day long riding beside you on a horse and never say a word. I attributed this to all kinds of reasons until a couple of my sons turned out like him. Raymond has more of the talking gene he undoubtedly inherited from me, or we could never have had the long enjoyable conversation we had today. Gary is known for his cryptic remarks on the family site so he will do well on Facebook. He also follows his own rules with spelling. That is inherited too. My sister Linda does that and my Aunt Neta did it even though she had graduated from college. She spelled like it sounded, and nothing could ever change her.
My mother was the talker, so between her and me my poor sister Margie a year younger than I did not believe she ever got to say a word. She got so in the habit of letting Mother and me do all the talking, I had to remind her she had not said anything for an hour and I was getting tired and was going to have to quit or go home if she did not take her turn!
Believe me, writing your memoirs is not easy, but I will be back on the job tomorrow no doubt getting the task done. I think it is everyone's job to write their memoirs as soon as they feel up to it. I love them and always try to keep a couple of memoirs handy to read from the library. I get the reviews out of People Magazines. They have turned me on to some wonderful ones. The younger people can write or tell some of their experiences on film to share, just as Dante has done in the following video.


Paula said...

I was wondering if Raymond is still in Austin. Hope he is enjoying his stay there.

Jeanie said...

Dante has really grown up into a fine young man Gerry. Thank goodness the dog didn't get a chance to do more mischief to him!
The surgeons have done a brilliant job on his face. No wonder it took five hours in the operating theatre. They did him proud!
My late dog had a run in with a Staffordshire bull terrier when out on a walk.
Mine was on a lead and the other one wasn't. So it was able to grab mine out of the blue around his neck and nearly choked the life out of him. Neither I or its owner could prise its mouth open. Eventually the owner squeezed his dogs nether regions and it let go.
It cost me a lot of money at the vets as well as a new crown for my tooth which I was biting on in my determination to get the dog to let go. This owner was soon to be seen walking his dog off the lead again a weak later. He quickly put it back on again as he approached myself an another walker.
These are dangerous dogs and it should no longer be legal to breed them.

Connie said...

Funny I used to 'Never Shut Up' no matter how hard they tried to get me to, and now I speak very little....


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