Friday, March 12, 2010

glad to find out you are alive

seems important to acknowledge
that you are alive
someone has seen you
sitting on the bus bench
you are not on facebook
you must still be nervous
drinking for comfort
he said you needed a beer
but you must be more comfortable now
with your addiction
especially since you cant walk so fast
must use a cane
I used to think you were
master of the internet
but you must not like those
modes of communication
I thought you sent me a message
by him
he looked pretty rough too
didnt he
two of a kind
drinking heavily
even though he has
the comfort of me
ha ha ha
go to the library
click on my link
and there I will be
saying hello Jack
dont go now
until I have made you smile
live awhile now
come fly with me


Jeanie said...

A gem like moment in time Gerry...I liked this.
Jeanie xx said...

Nice message for Jack! I hope he gets someplace to receive it. A poetic piece complete with pictures.

Connie said...

Tis good news indeed.
So happy he is alright and that you got to find out.
Bless you for caring and bless him in his walk in life....


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