Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Eye Doctor's visit, health care plan, I'm flagging Beauty in Art, and a hot movie

Here I am in my latest photo with my new eyes. Doc took it this morning. I went to Dr. Brens yesterday who is very pleased with the results of his cataract surgery as am I. He says I don't have to come back for a year. I did want to get my cataract surgery done in case our benefits change with the new health plan, which we are just now beginning to hear about. I am all set for change, because folks, I think everyone should benefit from a health care plan, not just some of us. I have enjoyed medicare and drug coverage for some time now with the help of medicaid, and I think we should give everyone a break as they do in other countries. We all may suffer together with the changes necessary in a health plan for all.
I know that some people are unhappy because they have a good health plan and a good enough job they can afford it, but that is not the case for many. When I was working I used to pray nobody got sick, and I just could not work at any higher paying job because my stamina was compromised in childhood. Many do not have the with all or opportunity to hold down a high paying job. If we want to keep everyone working we need to help people when they are sick. In the long run I think this will benefit our country. Most of the reports I have heard from bloggers in other country is that a health plan for all is not as bad as it seems to some.
I am disheartened with so many carrying like this is the most horrible development there could be. People we have already got a big health plan in medicare with drug coverage, so now what we need to do is rein in the excesses and spread out the coverage. I am a senior. Believe me, we are the most unproductive members of this society. The disabled usually aren't working either. Remember I have lived in subsidized housing for over twenty five years and I have known many many seniors and disabled. Believe me, doctors on the rampage can easily run up a million dollars in medicare costs with some very expensive treatment for someone who usually dies anyway. The system could use some closer monitoring.
I try to keep healthy, walking, and my expenses down, but people, substance abuse costs money. We are in the midst of an obesity epidemic. They become disabled and they cost you millions. Alcholics and their end of life care costs you millions.
Smokers and druggies cost you millions. I can't believe how sentimental people can get about rewarding the old with a worry free medicare program with drugs where the sky is the limit. When President Bush said how happy he was to be signing drug coverage into law for the seniors and others, I wondered if he knew quite what this was going to involve?
I am telling you, you have to monitor these costs closer. And I think we need to get tougher about substances people abuse, this means alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, and FOOD. I would like to see a whole lot more attention put on just why people are putting themselves in the hospital. We live next to a Circle K. Circle K has got to be thriving on beer profits alone. I hate to see young guys, disabled, doing nothing for years, in subsidized housing, and managing to buy beer on a regular basis, smoke cigarettes, eat too much, well it goes on and on. I don't know what can be done about us abusers, but we need help! Yes, I abuse food, not real bad, but I am enough over weight that my end of life medical costs are probably going to be considerably more than a healthier person would have. If I don't lose the weight. If I don't walk. If I don't find a way to stop eating so many substances that are bad for me.
What can I do? What help do I think I need? I will tell you, attention is the best cure and a challenge. You need to care about what your tax dollars are going for in the way of medicare and drug costs. You need to look at what all these addictions are doing to our society.
I started this entry to flag Beauty in Art which is a photographer's dream blog, many links to some wonderful sites, including National Georgraphic's annual photo contest. Ann just finds these things. Check it out on my blog list.
I just checked out Broken Embraces from the Red Box for $1, a Spanish film with Penelope Cruz, and Doc and I both loved it. He has got such a wonderful TV, HD, 46 in. screen, for the best viewing.
I will be talking about the health care plan again and posting more Memoirs!


Missie said...

I'm glad you got a good report at the doctor regarding your eyes.

Amrita said...

So happy for you Gerry. You look good

Ann LRD said...

Ah thanks, Gerry!

So glad your eyes are better and you are doing well! Good for you in getting important health issues taken care of!

Thanks for the movie update. I watch a lot of Free Hulu Movies on line:)


Jeanie said...

Now that's a blessing Gerry...isn't it? Healthy eyes again. You look great!
As for the health issues in your seem to have your head screwed on and in touch with the right issues.
Jeanie xx said...

Aren't you foxy all in Pink? I'm glad your report on your eyes was great and you can live long and see well!


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