Thursday, March 4, 2010

President Obama to push Congress to a vote on the healthcare plan still including abortion funding before Easter

The nation's newspapers shut down opinions from pro life faction which went pro choice in a trend toward mind control the American people must resist in order to make the nation intellectually strong again. Religion is seen as the opium of ignorant people but to shut out 'religious' thinking is to discriminate against the development of man's spiritual and idealistic sides and opened the door to killing without a conscience which is what legalized abortion allows.

The website sent me an e-mail today giving me the facts about what is included in the health plan which I will quote here:


Abortion industry lobbyists are rejoicing following
yesterday's announcement that their allies in the White
House and Congress plan to use the controversial
reconciliation process as a last-ditch effort to ram
through a health care reform bill that would mandate
abortion coverage and government funding of abortion.

The reconciliation process is being used to circumvent
the need to get a two-thirds majority in the Senate to
pass the bill -- following the upset Senate election in
Massachusetts which broke the 60-vote stronghold.

Under this process, the House would be asked to pass
the abortion-laden Senate health care bill (that does
NOT include the widely supported Stupak language that
bars government funding of abortion.)

Then, both the House and Senate would vote for a
companion reconciliation measure that would make
changes in the first bill to gain the support of more
Representatives and the White House.

Only 51 votes would be needed to pass the additional
reconciliation measure in the Senate.

President Obama said yesterday, "this is where we've
ended up," and added that he looks forward "to signing
this reform into law." He indicated his desire to sign
the abortion-laden health care bill by Easter -- just a
few weeks from now!

Gerry, this is the BIG ONE. Everything we've been
working for comes down to this moment.

The current health care reform proposal ...

--> Includes government funding of abortion

--> Imposes a brand-new "abortion fee" on taxpayers

--> Directs $11 BILLION in new funding to groups like
Planned Parenthood -- the nation's largest abortion
chain that took in over $349,000,000 in tax funding
last year while aborting 305,310 babies

--> Would result in the largest expansion of abortion
since Roe v. Wade

The House of Representatives will vote on the bill
first. If it passes there, it would then be signed by
President Obama. Finally, it would go to reconciliation
for changes to be made -- and where only 51 votes would
be needed to pass it in the Senate.

Therefore, the fight right now lies in the House --
where you can make the GREATEST impact today.

If ever there was a time for every pro-life American to
let their voice be heard, that time is NOW.

Here's what you -- and everyone you know -- needs to do

1.) Call and e-mail your Representative to clearly say:
"NO Abortion in Health Care!" Get their contact
info online at:

2.) Write a letter to the editor. Your Representative
and staff read the newspaper daily and a letter to
the editor is a great way to ensure that your
message is heard. Get sample letters online at:

3.) Use every social networking tool to get the message
out -- post status updates on Twitter, Facebook,
and MySpace, asking friends and family to also send
a clear message to Congress. Be sure to link to:

4.) Pray, pray, PRAY! Let's never forget the power of
prayer. Pray that our leaders block government
funding of abortion -- and that our movement is
successful in protecting the unborn.

This is the final lap, so let's press forward to the
finish line!

Abortion is NOT health care under any circumstance --
and we should NEVER be forced to fund it.

For Life,

Stop the Abortion Mandate Coalition


Connie said...

I heard this morning that the big O said he'd GIVE judgeships to family and friends of the Senators who will vote FOR this damn bill to pass.
If this bill passes KISS your asses goodbye.. the world will never be the same.......... said...

In order to get health care passed, Obama was ready to leave out the abortion funding. Nine senators wouldn't sign because it didn't include abortion. I don't think the taxpayer should pay for something so lethal as killing babies. Good information. I will email! said...

I tried to go to this website and was told google couldn't find it.
what now?

Gerry said...

I will send you the link in e-mail as well as check out the link on my entry.

Bill Pasdeaux said...

Hi Gerrie, it's Dave. I had a little time to see what you were up to on your blog... I am confused by what you are saying about abortion funding and ssddened anew that you are forwarding factually incorrect talking points... and you look so poised and knowledgable about what you are saying. Exactly what Abortion Funding is included in the Senate Bill that is to be voted on in the House and then immediately put through "reconciliation" in the House to decrease the concessions made to the Insurance industry. The amount? Well, it is ZERO!!!! The wording of the Senate Bill states that seevices for abortion SHALL NOT be paid for with any government money. Does that sound like "Abortion funding" to you? That is the wording that exists as we speak and IS NOT subject to change by reconciliation further down the line. Stupak has taken a non-issue and demanded a remedy, for which there is no legal procedure to achieve, for a problem that does not exist. Rachel Maddow covers this very well on in her video stream for March 10th, 2010.


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