Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Since I live in subsidized housing, and am on medicare, I think I should be willing to express my opinion on the health care bill passing

I think many of us seniors have been living in what is termed by some as a socialist state for some time. President Bush, a republican, was proud of getting drug coverage passed in medicare, which he knew pleased senior citizens who know that lobbying and voting are key to getting senior needs met by the government. But I thought we would see costs for medicare go up and up. One big fad became getting everyone thought to need it a scooter as paid for by medicare. I will bet that has cost the government a great deal and it is even questionable that this is the best way to go for many senior citizens whose limbs will fall into worse repair without more regular use. Which will cost more money, etc. in medicare down the road a ways.
Well, these are problems that develop when government has to monitor programs, so my opinion is that providing health care for all is going to force more monitoring just because without monitoring the cost might well bankrupt the country. We will have to count costs now, where I don't think we have been doing a good job of that when just a percentage of the citizenry have been receiving health care, drugs costs, etc. I think it has been too easy for providers to take advantage of government programs up to now.
Nor is it fair or even wise I think for seniors and disabled to receive such a large portion of the 'socialist' pie when they are not even the productive ones of our society. By letting these programs run wild, we have done more to take advantage of the worker, than I think we will if everyone is to be provided with health care somehow, through some means.
I don't want to see the worker taken advantage of. Nothing can lead to more depression and an attitude of what is the use. Just the very fact we are going to be thinking about the health of all the country is progress.
I have been dismayed by so much quarreling going on between the different factions with I would say both sides unwilling to admit when they are in the wrong. I do not think the majority of people in this country believed the government should be funding abortion, and I was very heartened to see President Obama compromise on this issue to get the plan signed. His actions caused some of the extremists among the pro choice faction to say he had betrayed the cause, but I think he proved himself to be very wise when it came right down to it.
I thought abortion funding was the most disturbing addition to the national health care plan, but he had made a campaign promise to help that faction pass FOCA designed to make abortion rights untouchable. Well, I think the plan must have always been to make it a part of the health care plan. I thought those who fought it fought with God on their side. And I think God spoke to President Obama about when he needed to compromise on this issue, and he listened. I am very moved by the fact that he listened. I think that is the only reason the health care plan passed. Obama listened to God. Don't worry. I think we can hold President Obama to his promise not to include abortion funding by presidential action. That is who needed to step in when congress was deadlocked. He found the way to do what was best for both parties. I think in time this will be seen as a presidential action that was so needed to give us confidence in our leadership. We need that to get us through the days of figuring out how to make this health plan work.
No plan is going to be perfect, but we needed a working plan that would address all of the people's problems with health care not just a few.
I have confidence now in President Obama as a leader in difficult times. The Texan congressman who yelled "Baby Killer" was not listening to God.
I don't think anyone is listening to God who speaks before he thinks, says hateful nasty things, is racist, unfair, and bigoted. We need to be very careful, very careful that we don't stir the fires of hatred up until they can't be put out and bring tragedy down on ourselves because we do not want to listen to ourselves and tell when we are wrong.
Each side. Listen to God. And pray, because right now we are too stirred up, too divided, and way too quarrelsome. I think we need to calm down and remember that are all Americans, not just Republicans, or Democrats, we are first of all, Americans.
Sometimes we need to just stop the quarreling so we can moved forward, united.


Jeanie said...

'Each side. Listen to God. And pray, because right now we are too stirred up, too divided, and way too quarrelsome. I think we need to calm down and remember that are all Americans, not just Republicans, or Democrats, we are first of all, Americans.
Sometimes we need to just stop the quarreling so we can moved forward, united.'

I liked the wisdom in this entry Gerry. You have put a lot of thought into this and I admire you for that.

Bill Pasdeaux said...

Unfortunately angermongering, divisiveness and outright dissembling has been a proven result-getter in the big political picture. That's why Carl Rove's last name is a household word(as in "Rovian") after the many years he was allowed to run his game over the political landscape on behalf of the Bush regime. Rovian tacticians seek to undermine calm reason and modern thinking skills (such as demonstrated by Obama) by a stirring up of racial, sexist and religious intolerances. Its about bigoted wedges and contrived panic-buttons. Again, abortion had nothing to do with Health Care Reform and if Stupak had never opened his mouth to get his 15 minutes of fame; if no executive order had been signed, there would still be nothing in the Bill that violates the Hyde wording that the executive order re-affirms. The act was a no-sacrifice gesture by Obama to please an uninformed and stoked-up fringe that merely restates the status quo coming from another angle.

Gerry said...

Well, Bill, I think there is a difference of opinion here and I read Stupak's reaction to all the accusations he was getting from Pro Life people that he had betrayed the cause. Since he was speaking directly to the President I think that he can be trusted to perceive what was at stake and what President Obama was assuring him of. He said now he is wondering if the republicans and the opposition just don't want a health care plan. President Bush was happy he passed drug pay to Medicare and the republicans were all happy about that. I don't know why they want the seniors and the disabled to have so much and aren't willing to work with a health plan that will provide all the people with something. I am a senior but that is what I am for. I think the republican seniors have been a little bit selfish not to support a health plan. I am disappointed in them. I am willing to trust President Obama on this. The democrats needed to be able to show something after all the work they have put into this. Medicare was humongous, too. But we need more.


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