Thursday, February 25, 2010

Catching up with some bloggers who inspired me...

I don't know what my friend Connie whose blog is Connie's Place (check it out) was thinking of when she sent me this tag. I will try to use it to inspire my never ending efforts to lose weight. She has sent me so many great headers and tags I have used that I feel I will hurt her feelings if I don't show the proper appreciation for this one. She also worked very hard making my header with all the photos. Got to love this gal.
Hey, have you checked out my son Raymond's blog lately, Cowboys and Bohemians, on my blog list? He has given us another excerpt from the memoir he is writing about his life in theater, and I must say, I think he is going to find a lot of fans out there for his writing. His dedication to writing over the years is showing! His blog is smokin'!
I want to call attention to another blog on my list that I just visited this morning, Musings of a Minstrel. Our young college girl blogger, Morgan, is also supporting National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. Her entry is called Operation Beautiful where she wants us to be positive about ourselves no matter what we look like. She is listing a link that really interested me and might you too. Gee, when did I not have an eating disorder? I know I was eating in a way as a child that was going to spell big trouble when I wasn't running so fast. Lots of butter, homemade candy, desserts every day, homemade jam and bread, pork sausage, head cheese (a favorite), choice cuts of beef, pork, and venison, mashed potatoes (with butter and milk)and country gravy, and every kind of pickle on earth, corn on the cob slathered with butter or if not in season bottled or dried corn with loads of butter, oh yes and lest I forget somebody was always making home made ice cream. On top of that in my mother's country store I snacked on Vienna sausages, all kinds of candy, country cheese well aged the way I like it if I happened to get the slightest bit hungry. Have you had enough?
Our country way of life revolved around food. These are some of the delicious foods I have had to try to forget about, cut way back on eating, make a solemn vow never to eat.... And I am still fat as you can tell from the chubby cheeked header photos in the header on my blog.
On the good side I was able to trudge home from the library this morning after a solemn vow to keep my body moving in a walk now and then. I visited the little ASU nurses who have set up office in the Westward Ho to warn us about the perils of obesity, heart attack, stroke, inertia, scooters, lack of exercise, sitting too long... Well, just about anything we like to do is bad for us and the things we can hardly bring ourselves to do are all that will save us. I know the message. But they said people are actually visiting them. We discussed how we could inspire more than one or two people to go in the big newly renovated pool at the Westward Ho this summer with room for at least 100. The nurses no bigger around than a pencil are eager to help. They wish they could swim with us.
Well, people with a weight problem might hate to show their figgers in bathing suits! As Morgan writes in her blog, got to get over that kind of bashfulness and think--we are beautiful no matter what weight we are. I start every day with that premise which is why you see so many photos of me. I have in old age learned to love myself. Every generous curve. Hey, what do you think of that fat guy in the commercial on the Olympics shaking his belly? I enjoyed it. He is so cute. See, you need to think positive as you fight off death by pushing away food. But stopping smoking is hell on earth they tell me, and well, stopping drinking, don't even think about it, says Doc. It aint happening. I predict when he has his first full blown stomach hemorrhage he will quit, if he lives through it! All in fun, all in fun, don't think I am heartless. Doc and I kid each other all the time about our trashy ways. He is so cute.


Paula said...

Like your header and the dancing women. As I've said before I envy you having the nice pool so conviently located. Bet you're looking forward to warm weather to use it. said...

The powers that be are talking of closing our pool during the cold winter's months Dec,Jan,Feb again.
I will miss it even though it is still dang cold! It won't close until next year as it is March already. I have enjoyed your headers and others Connie made. Amazing how she puts things together. Way to go, Connie!

Jeanie said...

Hmmmmm! I'm just thinking that my husband could sell his Koi Carp and then we could make use of their accomodation instead. lol

Just a thought.hahaha!
'Over my dead body he would say'.
I hope to get rid of some of my lumps and bumps as soon as my toes heal. But I don't intend to get rid of them all as I like to be comfortable when I sit at my 'puter'. lol
I like the sound of your new pool.
Jeanie xx

Anonymous said...

Hey, Gerry! Thanks for the mention. I hope that I was able to at least bring Operation Beautiful to the eyes and minds of a few people. After all, that's where making a difference starts.

Lovely entry. And I like the tag Connie made, I don't think it should be taken negatively. It shows a vibrant, fun-loving woman, and that's you. Take care.


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