Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I had another bad experience with an old man saying the N word

Doc and I were having quite a nice morning. He had taken a photo of me without glasses which I quite liked. Everything was going pretty well. We were making a video in which I happened to mention that his old 75 year old pal said the F word in my presence and he did not stop him and tell him a lady was present, so I had to go home. I will not stay in the presence of foul language. As far as I could see he just says it for the fun of it and because he thinks it makes him sound tough. The more he said it the more uncomfortable I got.
Well, Doc refuses to take my complaints serious. One word led to another. The next thing I knew Doc was saying the N word! I have always registered protests at anyone in my presence who says the N word, and I am even more passionate about my objections since I got a grandson of color, by the way one of the handsomest, smartest, nicest grandsons you could ask for, and I cannot believe that white people still want to say those words to make the innocent young suffer for having a golden brown skin through absolutely no fault of their own. As a matter of fact my grandson reminds me in looks of President Obama and others have told him that, too.

I can't tell you how many nasty fights I have been in over prejudice like this in my lifetime. Doc doesn't take the seriousness of his behavior while drunk serious, and until he does he is probably not going to care enough to stop drinking. I go home every day around noon in order not to deal with him when he starts to get nasty.
Well, I decided to go on filming this incident, even though my hackles were up. It is no wonder I have been in so many fights. This kind of 'joke' is not a joke. It is not anything you can really laugh away.
But I think that Doc allowed me to edit the film and upload it because he knows somewhere deep inside him that even the mildest use of the N word is not acceptable. He is an actor. He gave me the scene illustrating prejudice that stays with us for years and blights every part of our life just a little bit. No matter how anybody tries to excuse it. Perhaps even worse he might think other people who use the word out there will secretly applaud him for not giving up saying it. I really did not want anyone to see Doc using it. But this time the topic was offensive language. So he decided to use it. Well, bully for him.
So we got into still another fight with neither of us prepared to budge an inch. This is why when Doc says he will help me do this and that, I don't get too excited. He does not understand respect for others is the most important gift he can give and that means total and absolute consideration for my black grandson. This is why my grandchildren are never subjected to his presence or influence.

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salemslot9 said...

if you use
the Lord's name
in vain
you should repent
the rest is
just disrespectful
I'm not saying
I've never used
bad language
I'm older and wiser, now


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