Monday, February 8, 2010

I made vegetable beef soup complete with bone today

Since my problem with the soft water and a bad stomach during which milk was the only food that didn't hurt I gave up my vegetarian diet because every time I thought of eating any of those foods I felt ill. I decided the problem was it was a strict diet and I really did not know how to cook and prepare enough variety of foods, so I was going to get awfully sick of it. In fact, I thought I could never look another pinto bean in the face and tofu no longer did anything for me. I fully expected to be on a vegetarian diet the rest of my life, but now I remember the same thing happened the other two times, only sooner. I will just have to be content with what I did for the animals in the over 2 years I have been on this diet, seems like 3.
Anyway I bought a soup bone at the Farmer's Market where they sell organic beef and cooked it all afternoon. I threw in some barley which I have never done before and I liked it, plus the usual, organic carrots (absolutely delicious), potatoes, and onions. That's it. I believe this soup was good for what ails me.
Oh, oh, Doc just called for me to bring him the dish of soup I promised him so I must go before he gets too hungry and calls again! If I think of any more to add will do so when I get back.
P.S. Thank you, Connie, for this nice header. If you want to see a really startling header go to Connies Place. I laughed when I saw it. I swear, she thinks very creatively when she does these things.


Missie said...

The soup sounds really good!

オテモヤン said...


salemslot9 said...

my mom used to make
homemade soup with beef,
potatoes, carrots and barley
I remember her saying
that the barley would
puff up a little more
each day it was leftover

Amrita said...

Sounds ymmy. I have never used barley in a soup.

The header is really nice said...

Tom always growls when he hears about 'organic' vegetables.
Vegetables are vegetables! Are some grown in water? Anyway, your soup sounds divine, and very good for you. The dogs would love that bone! I also love the header. Connie is GOOD.

Bohemian Cowboy said...

Mom, just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your comments on my blog. Last night's was so inspiring. When you really comment on art and the artists, its a voice that is so powerful! I also love your self reflective moments. Isn't that funny about 'Sandstones'? I really didn't realize I'd used the same title for a few years. It was strange, how that works. I know I don't get to comment much as i have no internet in my apartment. I have to 'cut and paste' everything. But I read everyday. Oh, how does one get a translation when comments are in Japanese or Chinese? Of course, they may just be some sort of strange spam, but I notice you get them too...

Connie said...

I think the good Lord meant for us to nourish our bodies with meat. There are so many nutrients in them that our bodies require to be healthy. I remember when I snuck out the door when my grandpa went outside and I was told to stay in ...anyway I saw him wringing a chickens neck..I was horrified and my bother laughed and said that's why grandpa and grandma come over every Sunday and we have chicken,mom and dad can't kill them .I swore off eating chicken.Then one day I was licking the beaters from cake batter and in comes my brother and says ,thought you swore off eating chicken,I said you're dumb this is cake batter...he says yeah with raw chicken eggs ,you're eating a baby chick....I swore off eggs for a long time,LOL !!!


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