Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Neo counters, snow pictures, and other stuff

I find this neo counter quite fascinating , but I might be tempted to give up blogging after I see the results. Oh well, it is best to face reality now and then. I saw this one on Kelli's blog and decided to try it. Connie of Connie's Place has got a live feed gadget on her blog that tells when the readers arrived and from what city and I think when they left. She was going to quit blogging but said this live feed encouraged her to keep on, so that was one good result I heard about.
I check my youtube account every day and sometimes go through my videos to see what ones are getting the most play. My video account is doing better than my blog according to sitemeter as it has just hit 17,000 hits. Just remember youtube helped Susan Boyle become famous as it has other people. Looks like I will have to get famous a good deal slower than she did, though, but that's okay.
My youtube channel is GerryKing40. I am going to start my blog list again so I can post it and other favorites, although I find my blog dashboard very useful as it displays the latest entries of all the blogs you follow. I keep telling my family who started blogging recently to be sure to follow so they will get the live feeds. I have bookmarks, too which is the same as favorites on Mozilla Firefox which right now is working better for me. I have not had as much trouble as I had with Explorer 8. P.S. I just put my blog list back which is the first thing you will see when you come to my blog because some of these are new blogs I want to call attention to family and friends are doing. I am keeping the flow across the page blog post because I don't like using only a half of a page for a blog post. I would rather post it further down. When I changed to this format the blog list fell down to the bottom which is probably why I could not get it to perform well. It would get stuck on Explorer 8. This format calls for the blog list at the top as well as the gadgets. I am sure I will get a more accurate reading this way and a better performance on the blog list. I will add more of your blogs as you post. Some are not posting very often which is why they are not there.
I just had a good talk with Raymond down in Texas. He says it has been raining a lot there.
Mostly I have been having fun checking out all the snow pictures everyone is posting. Unbelievable. I am glad they are all taking photos as it would be hard to believe how many places are getting record snow fall if seeing was not believing. I can report that the bison on Lisa's Bison farm are stunned into staying inside the barn. I checked all her snow pictures several times as the snow has kept climbing up the fence. She got some fabulous ones on Flicker, too. Missie of What's Next Blog has got some unbelievable snow pics both in her blog and on Facebook. Mary Jo Bramble has some on Facebook. Some of the other people I have just met on Facebook are posting astonishing photos, too. The snow is getting deeper and deeper in these places what is more. Missy's husband's car has entirely disappeared! One gal's profile cartoon is hands sticking out of the snow waving they have had enough snow. Another is of what looks like a house almost entirely covered up with a huge block of snow on top! I think this winter is going to break all records. I know it has in Boulder, Utah in my hometown. I never saw snow like that all the winters I was there.
I think that is the big big news and since Phoenix is so beautifully tropical I don't have any weather news you would even want to read! You might even hate me for being so untraumatized. I am practically ashamed to say how comfortable and cosy I have been all winter. But Connie has a spectacular new header depicting winter weather you can go see! I don't know where she gets these things, but she is always giving me a start with her headers. Oh yes, and Amrita who writes Yesu Gardens from India has a striking header, too, and gorgeous photos of flowers this entry.

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