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Pro Choice canned newspapers drove me to blog

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I first started blogging on AOL, migrated to blogspot, and also started a video blog on my Youtube channel, GerryKing40, which you will see on my blog list. I started to blog because I have had only one letter published in the Arizona Republic since 1973, despite a considerable number of entries on a blog called G4Life I started at their invitation to blog on their Arizona Central blogsite! Well, guess what, guys, if you discriminate against pro life bloggers and letter writers in your newspaper they are not going to get any readers!
This week is a crucial week for pro life protesters since Obama's and the democratic party's health plan will come before the House this week with a lot of pressure from the Senate to pass it without the Stupak amendment denying abortion funding from government health care. It is all going to depend on the few democratic pro life house members now! I am a pro life registered democrat who has been outraged for many years because all democrats have been unmercifully pressured to become pro choice. This president would not have been elected had he expressed the slightest inclination toward pro life thinking! This is just how dictatorial the pro choice left wing has become in this country.
Because abortion was now legal the media was high pressured to become pro choice over night in 1973. There were enough powerful leftist thinkers on newspaper staffs including on the Arizona Republic's editorial page staff, that it became the policy for newspaper writers to have to go pro choice more or less without protest or lose their jobs. I remember a pro life columnist clinging to her column for a while before she was so unmercifully criticized that she finally quit the Arizona Republic and went to the Mesa Tribune for a time. Marianne Jennings was her name, a Mormon college professor. She was known for her columns about a handicapped daughter born with mental disabilities. National columnists were still printed from time to time to represent the conservative faction in token, but the newspaper staffs I would say went pro choice in large numbers.
This kind of tactic convinced me even more that these people had to be fought and fought hard before we lost sight of what it was in this country to respect a difference of opinions. What is more a belief in God and in ancient commandments like thou shalt not kill were now under fire as never before in history in this country as well as in many other countries. 'Secular' thinking had taken over which to me had as many horrors in it as any coming from 'right wing zealots'. What happens when there is no longer a respect for God in the news media as evidenced by so many pro choice newspapers? Legalized abortion is absolutely against religious thinking which purports we have souls, will die, go to a hereafter where divine justice will do what earthly justice could not, and that is where we will know for sure the fetus continued to progress in the hereafter even after it had been aborted in this life. Right to life from conception espouses that idea in the Catholic Church as well as other churches.
Secular thinking would do away with all those 'religious' ideas because they are not 'realistic'. That is what secular thinkers have been doing ever since Roe vs. Wade, trying to eradicate religious thinking by eliminating it from the media outlets as newspapers and TV and even from the schools. Support for legalized abortion and such philosophies requires this kind of action. The Supreme Court decided a fetus was not a life and who is to argue with the Supreme Court? Don't forget Roe vs. Wade was a decision by human beings, not an edict from on high as the word Supreme suggests.
Fetuses are not like tomato plants that can be weeded out of the garden if there is not room with no qualms. The complexity of life long compelled us to put a high value on the fetus and to preserve it with laws designed to protect it. That is before Roe vs Wade.
Secular thinkers claim that the religious thinkers are limited. But what is secular thinking if not even more limited as to the possibilities of progress that can be obtained by men with a passion for truth that encompasses all possibilities. The idea of a hereafter has been around since man's thinking was first recorded. All cultures have it. The idea that we are all part of of eternal life has attracted thinking men since the dawn of time. Life has always been regarded as a mysterious spark the origin of which we cannot completely explain. We do not know where it comes from or indeed where it goes when death occurs.
And secular thinkers imagine they can do away with such ideas in a few years and that we will be better off for it? You can be an agnostic or an atheist but when you start insisting that everybody else think this way, too, then we are all in trouble. Forcing secular thinking on the public is just as bad as forcing religious thinking.
If you go back through history and read many of the writings of people seeking God, you will come to understand these thinkers are striving for good, for revelation of what life is through prayer as well as reason, through testing the limits of man's thinking and understanding. We ask soldiers to defend us with their lives, and secular thinking would take the God that comforts them in the battlefield when they are about to die away from them. Young men do not tend to willingly sacrifice their lives for the defense of country unless they do believe in God and a greater power. As it has been said there may be no atheists on the battlefield. When there is great danger, a prayer tends to surface in the most hardened skeptic's mind.
Legalized abortion has tested those who profess to believe in God in this country as they may have never been tested. Our country is now threatened with writing into law, government funding for abortion which will be bound to cause an astronomical rise in abortion. You may actually hear the pro abortion people saying that it will drop the deaths in abortion! They will say anything! I have to conclude they are not reasonable people. They know not what they do, and that is the truth. So we have to try to stop them, the people who know that more funding means more abortion, which means we are threatened from within more than from any outside force.
More than a million abortion deaths a year in this country already means that we have already experienced a huge change that was not happening before secular thinking took over. Religious thinking brought down deaths. Secular thinking caused them to rise with the idea that abortion does not count. These are not real people yet, so these are not real deaths.
We know that a million women did not die a year from botched abortions. Not even close! And a million successful illegal abortions did not take place a year before Roe vs Wade, not even close.
Legalized abortion has made abortion a multi million dollar industry for Planned Parenthood. PP is the nation's biggest lobbyist fighting for abortion funding. Abortion clinics have even been forced to close across the nation possibly because the recession caused women not to be able to afford them. With government funding Planned Parenthood will be back in business!
Will any of us dare go to our deaths, and in case there is a God, tell him that a fetus is not a baby? I don't think so. Standing beside him we might see a flow of children without number resurrected just from the spark of life contained in a fetus just like we will be resurrected you and me so we can tell them why the decision was made for abortion.


Anonymous said...

Thanks! This helped so much! I've seen several
rather confusing sites lately, this cleared up a lot confusion I had.

Connie said...

Well-I am glad to see you got through to at least one thinker..maybe that one will pass it on and so on and so on.... said...

This is such a well-done blog on the subject that I am impressed.
I need to think and make stronger statements myself. Well written.

LaRena said...

I was impressed with how well thought out this blog was. Such a difficult subject to try to discuss the spark of life which had remained a mystery since the beginning of time. I just don't understand why so many think it is important to get a belief in God out of our schools, government and so many things when it is totally well known that this belief has been such a comfort to so many in dark and difficult situations. The more belief one can have in a higher power,(regardless of the form it may take) the happier people manage to be. What can be wrong with that. Everyone has times in life where a belief in something divine is the only comfort people have.

I have always had the feeling that deep in his heart Obams is pro-life. However his driving ambition in the world of politics has been more important to him. It is sad if this is the case and he just doesn't have the strenght of his convictions. The idea of abortions, birth defects and killing the spark of life are complex enough without adding the pressure of politics to the equation. Playing politics is here to stay unfortunately, but I'll bet if one could take a one on one poll of the American people they would not be in favor of eliminating belief in God or the killing of the spark of life. Most would want their tax dollars to go for the preserving of life.

Anonymous said...

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