Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Plans to make chili, reading Raymond's blog, and looking for a pickup at 78

Doc has gone to the store and will pick up the pinto beans I plan to soak tonight. I went to the Farmer's Market and got the other ingredients I need for chili. This will be the first time I have put any meat in my chili for over 2 years. Doc for one is glad I am back to eating 'real food' again. The problem was all my love for foods like cheese came roaring back and my body shows it. I hope my taste buds calm down soon before I have put on 25 pounds! I am still having trouble getting responses to my pleas for attention to help me fight impending obesity. People just don't believe us fatties when we say that is what we need to take the place of food.
Just got through reading my son Raymond's blog entry today (See Cowboys and Bohemians on my blog list) which was about trying to find an agent. I told him good luck but I thought about him being the best agent I ever had. He said, mom, I will do your plays and he did, besides providing me with a place to go every week to meet with other writers. I read a lot of scenes in the playwright's Saturday workshop. He proved to be the best agent a lot of other playwrights had, too. I can't believe all the playwrights he gave the opportunity to see their plays up with a premiere opening night, as high as 4 theater critics attending at times, and reviews to sweat over and then cry about, gnash the teeth, or even occasionally smile over. A play production that was going to bring warmth to memory for years. I still have a video of Prince from Saturn that I can point to with great satisfaction even though the production was flawed. As do other playwrights, an unbelievable number of local writers. I am very proud of Raymond for the years he spent doing this. He gave his all and made on the whole a lot of people happy. He became the kind of guy who can make a difference in a writer's life. And he did it in Phoenix, Arizona. There has never been another director of a theater company here quite like him. Connie made the graphic for me for this Bohemian Cowboy.

I tell him to write his memoir. He is the only one who can tell the inside story.
Now Doc is calling me to come and get my pinto beans. I must take a camera down so he can take another photo. All these photos of me with glasses are obsolete. I will have to remember to smile so the circles under my eyes won't show so much. But I still like the new me.
P.S. I sort of like this photo Doc took of me I have posted at the top.


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Connie said...

I made some goood chili the other day and hubby has been ill and couldn't eat it so I gave it to our son and he is lovin every morsel...me-I can't eat chili especially with the peppers hubby has me put in,I'm allergic to peppers.
Oooh I love this photo of you -red looks so good on you.

ADB said...

Wouldn't worry too much about appearances, Gerry - go for the chili!


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