Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine Sweethearts 2010

Here is the lovely plant Doc bought me for Valentine's Day. I was heartened to see so many men, old and young, carrying flowers out of the store for some special lady, and none of them were more beautiful than the azalea Doc carried home for me. I photographed it just now in the window of my apartment. This morning when I came down he had an Elton John bio he wanted me to watch that was wonderful and then after we had dinner together with items we purchased to the store, he turned on a movie about black comedy for us to finish off the day. It was a very good movie, so I had a lot to enjoy on Valentine's Day. I hope all the ladies enjoyed Valentine's Day as much as I did. The video was my idea as a gift for Doc, honoring our creative partnership. It has its flaws but what partnership doesn't?


Paula said...

Beautiful plant. I'm glad you're day was nice. When I went to Wal*Mart Friday I saw an unusual amount of guys (as you say young and old) buying baloons, flowers, and stuffed teddy bears. Think they are finally getting the message? lol said...

I enjoyed this endearing Valentine video and lovely flowers set among child molesting and abortion. It was a ray of light just for a bit.
There is normal behavior and laughter!
Yes, I know it will back to work soon!


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