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Why the architect of life might have concluded we need a hereafter

I think more in depth reasoning about the design of life might be helpful at this point. Seems like conservatives and liberals are locked in battle as heated as any before over such issues as abortion funding in health care. I think the conservatives have gotten their backs up against passing government funding that will result in even more abortions in this country and will be that much harder to fix if it gets voted into a health care package. The liberals seems just as determined that this is the way to go and are not going to budge an inch about what they want in the package.
Well, just imagine if you were the architect of life.
ARCHITECT: Hm, let's see a lot of fighting going on over this issue. The trouble is the liberals don't believe in a hereafter. I might should not have made it so hard to detect one, but the trouble is if you don't make a hereafter hard to find, it is not safe. People being what they are, they would not stop the killing if they could just find it. If you will remember right, we agreed that we would have to hide it awfully well.
ME: I wasn't there, or at least I don't remember if I was, but I think I see your point. Yes! What a brilliant plan. Murderers are chasing you. They are going to kill you, in fact they do kill you, but you are not entirely dead, there is something in you that goes to a hereafter and thinks about what just happened. Course, it is very sad. Your relatives can no longer see you, since you have had to hide out permanently. You can call to your mom and dad all you want, "Mom, Dad, I am right here. I'm okay. I couldn't stand the pain anymore, so I had to leave my body. Remember the plan? I would go to a heaven and you could take care of my murderer however you see fit, because it is so sad that I had to leave you. He should be restrained from doing this to some other poor girl even if he has to go to prison for life. Thank God, our creator, the architect of life designed this wonderful place called heaven just for victims like me. Mom! Dad!"
LIBERAL: I have never heard such disgusting hogwash.
CONSERVATIVE: Oh, is that so. You are a brutal sort. You would have no escape hatch, I don't suppose. There is no heaven to you, there is no hell, there is just oblivion when you die.
LIBERAL: That's right, so deal with it!
ME: This sounds just like the conversations Doc and I have. He always plays the liberal role and I am always the conservative.
ARCHITECT: I am sorry you have had to spend so much time with a fellow like Doc. Your reward in heaven might be a good solid conservative.
ME: Religious?
ARCHITECT: Religious, is that bad?
ME: I have never been able to get along with the religious. My most influential parent was a skeptic and a free thinker but like Doc he was a dreadful alcoholic always trying to kill himself.
ARCHITECT: And you preferred Doc to a nice sensible law abiding conservative, possibly republican?
ME: But I am a registered democrat. They did so much for civil rights. However, I have never been able to vote democrat since legalized abortion. Why the democratic party thinks so much of abortion I will never know. It is the total opposite of giving equal rights to people of color. It is taking life from the unborn!
LIBERAL: But it is giving a woman the right to choose what to do with her own body!
CONSERVATIVE: The good Lord save me from such logic. A woman's right to choose should not give her the right to take the life of her own unborn child. What are the child's rights? Looks like the woman exercises her right to choose an abortion at the expense of her own child's right to live from conception.
LIBERAL: This is not a child until it is born.
CONSERVATIVE: I beg to differ! It IS a child in the early stages of life which the mother's instinct is to protect.
LIBERAL: You would deny a teenager who has no idea what she is doing the right to an abortion when she can neither feed or protect this child after it is born because she is not old enough to be a mother?
CONSERVATIVE: In my books she should be taught to abstain from sex until she is old enough to be a responsible parent should she get pregnant.
LIBERAL: How naive to think you can stop teenagers from having sex.
CONSERVATIVE: If they can be taught right they won't have sex. A good church is the ticket. My church has had extremely good luck in keeping their active teenagers from having premarital sex!
LIBERAL: And what church is that?
CONSERVATIVE: Mormon. Our statistics on abortion have always been low.
LIBERAL: I would rather kill myself than belong to a church with so many stupid ideas. Do you know the meaning of cult?
CONSERVATIVE: We have been called a cult but our young people are on the whole happy and fulfilled. They don't drink and they don't smoke either. That's against the Word of Wisdom.
LIBERAL: Bully for you. This is the most stupid conversation I have had with anybody for a while. I am a highly educated person which you obviously are not.
CONSERVATIVE: What good did your education do you if you can't believe in a soul or afterlife. And promote such ideas as abortion. You will be shocked to find out there is a hereafter and you will have to answer for your teachings which have resulted in a very high abortion rate in this country I might add.
LIBERAL: How naive can you get? There is no use talking about scientific proof to you. You would not get it.
CONSERVATIVE: The afterlife is part of a great plan which is a lot more intellectually sound than you think. We Mormons think we have the best plan but there are other churches whose ideas about heaven are glorious, too, in case you were born into one of those and don't have the chance to convert to Mormonism, the best church of all.
LIBERAL: There must not be any sense of humor in heaven if yours is any example. Spirit! Soul! I, on the other hand, are prepared for anything. I can take death. I don't have to manufacture a fantasy of an after life to get me through this one. I can take reality.
CONSERVATIVE: I don't care what you say about me. You have your idea of what realities there can be, and I have mine. You don't have to like me, but I am going to try to see that legalized abortion becomes a thing of the past and this country has returned to the standards it had before Roe vs. Wade. You liberals pulled a fast one but we are ready for you now. We are going to vote you out of office every time and sooner or later we are going to cut the number of abortions back in this country. It can't be a bad thing to save more lives. What is wrong with you? Can't you see that?
LIBERAL: The problem is I just can't stand you. You are so uncool.
CONSERVATIVE: But I believe in less killing. What is wrong with that idea?
LIBERAL: You will never know. If I were a woman I could never fall in love with a conservative man. If I was a man I would run from a conservative woman who talked such prattle as you do and had never been drunk and does not smoke.
ME: Hey, that sounds like me. I have fallen in love with alcoholic men over and over who are liberal and make me miserable. They remind me of my father. Then I spend all my time trying to convert them to more conservative ideas.
ARCHITECT: The problem is there are not enough sensible conservative men with a sense of humor to go around. Too many men have fallen into substance abuse which makes them defensive and resistant to lifestyles of restraint. No matter how self destructive, young men in the world keep trying to be cool. So being liberal is cool. It is a seductive kind of thinking.
ME: Why yes, you are right. It must be the early stages of thinking. Before it was decided that a hereafter was needed and must be peopled by angels.
ARCHITECT: We have had a lot of trouble getting young boys to aspire to become angels. They keep protesting that an angel is not exciting or cool.
ME: They would have to be good in word as well as deed. Yes, that would be very hard do. Those young boys must think they would not have a bit of fun. I have not met many men who were angels. Doc was raised in a very conservative Lutheran community. He received a great deal of training in becoming conservative and good, but he fell by the wayside somewhere along the way. But the only reason we get along at all is that he has enough conservative ways to be tolerable to me. He is a kind drunk if you could ever say a drunk can be kind. He is not kind in the long run. Not to himself or ultimately to me.
ARCHITECT: Here is why death is part of the great design. We couldn't tolerate men like him drunk for eternity, so eventually the plan is that alcohol will kill him off if he does not quit. He will lose companionship for one thing along with his life, and only then will he probably repent of the error of his ways. Some men and some women never give up alcohol. They have to die. We get them out of this life in a reasonable length of time and start them over again after they have had a chance to think about it. Hopefully, if they get another chance at life they won't be so stubborn. Most recycle. Come back for another life.
ME: Oh, good heavens, recycle to another life time? That's enough of a lesson about the nature of life for a day. My brain is hurting.

4 comments: said...

Well, that's quite the conversation. It certainly states just what the two sides believe.I enjoyed the interechange. Pres. Obama put in his bill (Or somewhere) so much money to teach abstinance in the schools. I was surprised just because everyone is saying how pro-choice he is. I think he is trying to discover some good solutions to too many abortions.

Connie said...

The thing about heaven's another learning stage for what we haven't allowed ourselves to learn on earth.
and...I don't want to come back as a human..I wanna be a bird...not a caged bird..a wild and free bird --so I can fly where I want-- bird...I wanna drive people nuts with my chirping and poop on their heads.....BIRD!!!

vooman's voice said...

This might be a good piece to go on stage. I am wondering what I am going to say to the pro-choicer among the writers.

Bill Pasdeaux said...

By applying line-item veto principles, there is some good material here... some exchanges that could be lifted into a more effective and enlightening exchange... something "sweetened" and devoid of the gratuitous pork-rhetoric and earmarked lip-service to the populistically challenged.. but alas, each of the characters are just mouthpiece caricatures based on media-energized dialectal poo-stirring.


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