Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Photos with new eyes, tigers among us, and proving there is life after death

I have had to have my photographer Doc take some new photos of me without glasses. He has had quite a time to take some that flatter me. The above header is about the best he has been able to do with the subject. I took a profile photo of it to put on blogspot and Facebook. I spent an hour or so last evening scanning some old photos to Facebook. I love looking at the albums my family and friends put up there.
I called a friend last night whose dear husband passed away not long ago, and we were talking about the hereafter. She said she had some doubts about psychic pickups in dreams, etc, and mentioned that she listens to George Noory on talk radio, as I do if I listen to anyone. Lately to tell the truth I have not dared listen to radio in my bedroom at night since I am going a little deaf and need to turn it up to hear, and my neighbor has such keen ears he calls the police over imaginary sounds. I doubt if he can stand it here too many more months since he is now being shunned for good reason. It must be very lonely to come out as a tiger among people now wary of being clawed. Oh, by the way it is against the rules to post questionable pictures on your entrance, so since the owners are here visiting the complex from back east I believe he may have been told to remove that picture of a tiger. I was quite relieved to see it gone. I don't like to be reminded that I might live in a jungle.
Oh by the way, someone who saw the video I made in which I talked about the chronically mentally ill residents sometimes becoming dangerous made a comment on Youtube saying that was ridiculous, they were no more violent than anyone else. She also said that watching Doc and me in videos made her blood boil, and I ought to have her for a neighbor! Grrrr. Snarl, snarl. Oh there is more than one tiger or tigress watching us. She told me to move if I did not like it.
I must protest that unfortunately many murders have been committed in Phoenix by chronically mentally ill people. That is a fact as anyone who keeps track of violent crime can testify. Sadly, a police officer who stopped such a man just for an obscure license plate was shot in the head and killed Friday. A beloved police officer whose death by such violence caused such a meltdown of shock and grief as we have not had since the last good police officer was murdered by a citizen turned tiger.
HUD housing by law must not deny residency to ex convicts either, who may have been jailed for a combination of mental illness, criminal behavior, and substance abuse which is often the case.
I have chosen to continue to reside here, taking the chance that dangerous tendencies in a resident can be contained as I have become attached to this area and this historic landmark hotel as a residence. Besides the swimming pool will be wonderful this summer!
As for the hereafter I will continue to study and think on how it can be proved to exist. Remember, there has to be an extremely good escape hatch for people to escape pain when all else fails. The death of the body ensures the end of agony as is experienced by say a bullet wound in a vital spot. The good and the innocent die, so from where will justice come when that happens? There always seems to be unfinished business in such deaths. We need something like a hereafter desperately, it seems.
I heard on George Noory last night a man saying that science has never detected anything leaving the body when it dies. That is it. The end. Suggesting that the concept that a soul exists and departs to a heaven may be, sadly, pure fantasy.
I have pondered many hours and believe there could be a number of explanations why proof of a spirit is so hard to come by. I am going to be asking my sister LaRae some questions in the months to come. She has agreed to be the spirit on the other side who will try to explain to me as best as she can what happens when we 'pass over.' She has passed over. Tell me some of what you have told me, LaRae, in our conversations which of course could be suspect to science, too. I am making all this up. You are not talking to me. And so on. I don't say you are talking to me as we talk here, but I say you know my questions and you are responding. Here is the gist of what I think I am picking up from you.

LARAE: When I passed I did not believe in a hereafter either. I hoped but I was very doubtful, so when I found myself still existing I thought that I must have lost my mind and was in a mental hospital now. I went through days and days of doubt. Drifting in and out of consciousness. I was conscious of someone trying to help me and finally it occurred to me that I may have died. Was this oblivion? I asked this question over and over. And finally, you will find this quite amusing, I just got tired of trying to be obliterated and said I am going to get up and believe in whatever religious heaven I can find, just like everybody else. I was tired of this gray hell.
I had put up a good fight in life against religion which I thought was wrong, misguided, full of falsity. So when I got feeling better I asked the attendants to take me to talk to some people I knew. Somebody else who died. That was the beginning of my starting to come out of it. I really had cracked up. I realized that I had such great issues with religion that I was going to have to start from there. I felt I had been lied to. I could feel this great stubbornness in me about accepting anything. But I was finally able to isolate this lump of stubbornness that was stopping my progress. Yes, what is known as 'religion' can be flawed, but it is the language that is used to describe the hereafter. So the hereafter had become suspect. I fought against it as I fought against 'religion.' It was all a lie. Science said there was no such thing as a hereafter. So why did I find myself in this sick prison of the mind where sometimes I did not know if I was alive or dead. This went on for months. I was very very sick. I did not know when I could get well, I guess when science did discover there was a hereafter. Until then I would be forced to inhabit this cold grey hell where there seemed to be neither life or death, no end but no progress. If you didn't know what mental illness was before, now you have met it personified in me, as I was then. I did not know if I could ever 'get well.' Existence seemed like an illusion. Had I really ever lived? Well, I had to go on like this for months. I will tell you more next time. There were no miracles. I got better very very slowly. You might say as I rejected the dark conclusions of 'science' just as I had once rejected the falsities of religion. The story of how I lost my faith and regained it is the story of my life, both before and after 'death.'


Pamela said...

There is documentation that a body will be lighter after death. It's a small amount lighter...but nobody can account for it other than perhaps a spirit leaving?

salemslot9 said...

watch out for
sharks in the pool

LaRena said...

An interesting entry, and my don't you look lovely in your purple with flowers on your cap to match. As I age purple has become one of my favorite colors. Also you look swell without glasses. I'll bet it is fun to see without them after your many years of needing them.

Paula said...

Cute way to decorate your cap.

DB said...

I've heard that silly scientific arguement before about nothing leaving the body at death, thus proving there is no soul. If the soul is invisible no one can see it leaving the body if it ever resided there in the first place.


Barb said...

Hi Gerry, I haven't been by much.I haven't been on Blogger much. I've been reading your past entries. You've had a lot on your mind lately & a great way of expressing it. I enjoy reading your entries so much. I hope you're enjoying your new eyes. I am jealous. I am getting to where I think I am ready for trifocals. I am going to check into the lasik surgery but figure they will tell me I'm a poor candidate for it because of my diabetes. OH well. Take care and have a great week.
Barb (queenb)


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