Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's going to be card receiving time...


When I think of more to add to this card I will (add it that is). Right now I am tired. I have been wrapping gifts to send out tomorrow. I went to see how Trudy was doing, the 83 year old lady in here who is going blind. She was wearing the beautiful satin Christmas green blouse I gave her. I used to wear it once a year on Xmas, so decided to give it to her, and she had just been to a Christmas outing with it on, and she looked lovely. She wore it with a black crocheted shawl and black silk trousers. She wears her silver hair up. She is still worried because she can't test her blood sugar. She talked for quite a long time about all her difficulties going blind as it compounds her difficulties in taking care of her other health problems. I assured her I would be back soon to check on her. (Before Xmas)

Then I dropped in on Doc as he wanted to tell me a funny story he heard about his friend Jack, but I am sorry it is too risque for my blog. All about Jack receiving a very aggressive female visitor. He has applied to the Silvercrest down the street as he says this is too wild a place for a guy over 80. He wants to live in a place where everyone is a lot more decrepit. He has started to go to church as he is afraid of going to hell. He said the priest asked him how long it had been since he went to confession and he said 52 years! I suppose it is better late than never.


Connie said...

Everything is better late than never,LOL...
I still have that Kreative Blogger award thingy to do yet..see I had a list of blogs and can't find it and it bugs me cause they are the ones I wanted to showcase,guess I'll just start over((sigh))...yep the ani tag looks good...but it will also work in the header...just put the url to your bucket in the from the web part and off it goes animating,lol said...

Actual can't get better than that. Great Header and snow picture. It is interesting how that works. Sounds like you are doing some pre-christmas rounds.

LaRena said...

That is quite funny, going to confession after 52 years. What a lot we would all have to confess in that much time. This header is just lovely. The snow falling makes it almost mystical.

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