Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas is proceeding to come on schedule!

I discovered an item I bought at Walgreen's was damaged so I returned it to the store and bought my Arizona Christmas cards while I was there. I usually buy about ten to send to my sisters and granddaughters. I also consulted with my son about where I needed to send his daughters' cards and money gifts. I also urged him to go to my sister Ann's blog, Kanyonland King on my blog list, to see the photo of the reindeer. A woman where she lives made them out of papier mache' and they are the most amazing life like creations. Ann said she has been doing this kind of art work for years. She would do Halloween stuff. Once she created all the Alice in Wonderland characters and displayed them somewhere. Ann took this photo to perserve history. She hopes the woman at least has photos of her work. Her kids are up and gone so she probably created Santa and his reindeer coming off her roof and bounding across the yard to delight the kids of the town. There are other action figures in the display, too. Go and see Kanyonland King blog!
I am supposed to go down and make a video today for Doc's channel and blog. He did not feel well yesterday, but we do have his upside down Christmas tree picture on display in back of where we sit on camera for our videos. One viewer asked if these drawings were done by children. Well, Doc does have a child-like mind when he is creating these cartoony pictures of his. He thought and thought to come up with a different tree than he's ever done before. But this was painted 2 years ago. He is rarely painting anymore. He is getting in worse and worse shape, but nothing seems to convince him sobriety would be better.
The other gentleman who was evicted was I believe only in the neighborhood a short time before moving on. The Y down the street was probably too expensive for him, and he was limping quite badly. He may have had to have his leg fixed. He, however, comes in, via dreams sometimes, and has a chat. This was an amazing gift he had, being able to travel out of body. Nobody hardly believes it, but he was very psychic, and since I had done spirit walking I suggested it to him as a means of talking sometimes without running into so much reaction. I had in fact written a long play which I put up on Youtube not long ago called "Blue" in which all the characters are spirit walking and are not in their bodies. This was written when my sister was dying of cancer 20 years ago. Not long after she visited me in Arizona, where the play takes place, she had a dream that murderers were chasing her to the top of a building. She was trapped. There was no escape. She looked out and thought I am close enough to death that I should have grown my wings, and so she leaped out in space and sure enough she had grown her wings and flew away. Thus escaping death. Not long after she died.
This dream indicates to me that we must think about growing our wings in order to escape a terrible depression about what death is, and it is good if we are able to use them to travel about before we die, so we will be quite prepared for death and the leap into space.
I had so many near death experiences when I was in my twenties and later, too, with my bouts with the same ailment, I began to develop my wings. The gentleman I am talking about has had a number of near death experiences when drinking, so he started growing his wings in preparation for the transition. It is a natural thing. I believe it happens to everyone when they begin the process of dying. Many have near death experiences and come back, but they have begun to grow their wings so will have unusual powers. I think that is how he developed his out of body traveling. He will just come in like a spirit who has died, like my sister does. I know he is there just as I know she is there, only he has not died yet. He is still attached to his body which by now is probably pretty battered with all his crisises. We will have a chat about everything that has happened just as she and I do.
I have found it quite hard to connect to him again with him gone from around here, but I trust what I sense. My sister says I will be able to tell when he has died. There is a difference when the body has expired. The spirit is lighter and more free and less occupied with the body as we know it. My sister's spirit is very light, but still definitely her essence.
We sometimes resist all these thoughts even when we are practically at death's door. We fight such changes as they are frightening to us, even though we know very well we cannot live forever.
There is an old lady here whose health is poor and what is more she is going blind. She is very miserable, so I told her I would help her to do meditation since she cannot read or watch TV. We have not gotten very far yet as she has many negative attitudes about it. Even though she is in her eighties she does not seem to have given any thought as to whether we have a spirit or not. She has a good strong mind. She says so herself. She says she is still 'sharp as a tack', but she is having a time wrapping that mind around the idea of a spirit. Yet, she is too scared not to do it some, especially when something happens in her body that frightens her. I don't feel like talking to her when she is shutting her mind to the idea of transition and change, as I don't think she is facing reality. I just will not indulge people in talk about boring things. She is against the wall. She needs to talk about the change that is happening to her. Her body is failing, moving her toward change whether her mind is willing or not. But I just wait for her to want to talk, and then she gives some indication she is ready for more. She saw me in the hall one day and absolutely begged me to come and talk to her, and so I did. Last time I was there, she kept begging me to stay longer, but then she could not help but be negative in spite of herself, so I have to let her think it over, because this is not a subject I am going to force on anyone.
But I am too worried about her worsening health to ignore her problems. I told her that she needed to make the decision that she needs to go to a care center when it is time. She cannot stay in her apartment if she goes blind or has some other drastic change as she has diabetes that is barely under control. They won't let her. So soon, I will be having to say good-bye to her as she goes to probably her last destination before death. When she can no longer manage an apartment by herself. I will be her friend to that time of departure, then others will be there to lend her assistence. Hopefully what we have talked about will help her when she has to leave the earth.


madcobug said...

I went over and took a look at those deer. They are beautiful. That woman has a talent. Hope doc feels better soon. Helen

Connie said...

ASeveral things I bought needed to be taken back.Funny how they make you feel like you did something wrong when all they need do is exchange it and give the rep the damaged item.Grrrr ((humbug))...
my dang mail is always overflowing with stuff from my tags group .I cleared out a bunch all morning,then here comes more to take it's place.Only half of it -if that much- is worth using....but ya gotta look through it all... said...

Lynne came through yesterday on his way to Ed Littlefield's funeral, his friend who drank too much and was too young to die. (Heart) I feel bad for those that have deaths during the holidays, even expected ones. Hold on to your health! Your friend seems to be struggling along. Exercise instead of eat!

LaRena said...

the fashion video was most charming and you look quite fetching in your flower decorated, winter hats. A little bit of trivia I read the other day. People wearing hats exude more authority. You have to love them with a passion like you do.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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