Monday, December 28, 2009

Here is the theater article in the Republic that kept me awake practically all night!

With annoyance I might add. Why do newspaper writers love lists so much? Well, here are three winners of the Pulitzer Prize listed. Newspaper writers love those a lot more than all the playwrights who never won one do. This tells them what play they can safely call good. Theater companies love Pulitzers. They will hardly produce anything else. So guess what happens to you if you are the playwright who doesn't win one? Nothing. That's the biggest reason for me to dislike the whole idea of awarding prizes and announcing this is practically the only play worth doing that year. I see a black woman won one in 2002 and the first Latino won in 2003. Fine. I am glad to see that even as I prepare to criticize this whole value system, one reason why there are so few people who get recognized compared to the many who don't. Why most of the people get to be the common man while the lucky award winners get to be called good by the newspaper critics, playwrights they can recognize and elevate ad nauseum.
While me, I put my plays up on Youtube. If you watch either my improvs of them or my own readings, you will discover that some of them are profound and cover very difficult subjects. In fact, so difficult they were bound not to get recognized by anybody if they could help it. Nobody is going to give them a pulitzer prize, why because for one thing I don't believe in such prizes, and because it is too darned hard to get a production of a play anywhere after you write it. I peddled my plays everywhere, could not get any productions, so in desperation I put them up on Youtube so somebody might see them before I died. You people who watch Youtube got lucky. Ha! Ha!
Tyler Perry is listed here in the list. Tyler Perry?? Oh, he needs the publicity. Well, when you are making lists you have to praise famous men. Right? Are you reading this, Kerry? Now you are probably going to hate me until I die. I have caused a lot of newspaper theater critics to hate me, believe me. Because I am a protester, and I am always protesting their policies of never recognizing new people. It takes an act of God to get recognized in this society. How many times do you read stories about already famous people? Newspaper writers are responsible for a lot of this malarkey. Instead of digging up some new material on some new people they just write about already famous ones.
I should have known this article of lists would irritate me so badly I should not have read it. I should have ignored it and then I would not have stayed awake so long and jumped up this morning to write a protest.
But let us look at it this way, this is probably the most in depth reaction Kerry will receive on his article of lists. I am an inveterate newspaper reader, even when they make me angry and I feel forced to write protest letters. I protest to try to make my newspaper better, get those guys to thinking and realizing they can't get away with this, even if it is a bad economy. And they don't want to lose their jobs.
In the meantime I have to come up with another exciting idea for videos to put up on Youtube. In time I expect to be as famous as Susan Boyle, all from my own efforts and my idea to use online means that are free to me to make it to the top. All the directors who did not do my plays will be able to say they did not help me! I will do it without Kerry's help. Without the Republic's help. One of these days I will just be famous and there will not be anything they can do about it. You can't keep a good playwright down even if she wins not a Pulitzer!


Have Myelin? said...

I love women like you who get 'riled up' about issues like this! It means they have a brain and they are not afraid to use it and blog about it too.

I am not above staying awake all night about something that annoys me too. :->

Connie said...

I would give you the Pulitzer if I was on the committee!!


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