Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Three Sistahs a most enjoyable musical treat

Once again treated to a musical at the Black Theater in Playhouse on the Park by our dear friend, Joyce Gittoes (in photo), Nola, Darlene, and I had a wonderful time. We three met upstairs to the Viad Building's cafeteria, where we had lunch and reminisced about old times at the Westward Ho. Darlene moved some time ago, and Joyce just a few months back. Joyce could not join us but we met her at the door. She now lives in Scottsdale, so was waiting on a friend to bring her.
The musical, "The Three Sistahs" could not have better in my opinion. I enjoyed it thoroughly. It was well cast, acted, and directed. The writing was wonderful. The girls who played the 'sistahs' were very different in looks, but they were all so talented we still believed it. The girls had come home to their father's funeral and were reminiscing in the house where he had lived so long. The oldest daughter had gone back to take care of him after their mother died as she did not have a husband or was not otherwise preoccupied as the two younger ones were. I could relate as I, too, was the oldest and was considered the one daughter who might best go home to look after our father and was there when he died.
In fact, I think the sisters were addressing universal concerns especially relating to black people. Usually one of the singers stands out in a musical, but all three of these actress-singers were so appealing I could not say which one I enjoyed the most.
Joyce has tried out for another play we are eager to see. She was called back, but now must wait to see if she made the final cut! I did not know it until today but when Joyce had her knee operation her surgeon accidentally cut through her ACL ligament, so she is still very lame and can't ride the bus lest her leg give way on her. I was in hopes that her knee surgeries would make transportation easier for her. It is amazing how she manages to get around despite her crippled leg.
After Nola and I walked back to the Westward Ho stopping on the way to buy fresh vegetables to the Farmer's Market. Nola is the best walker in the building. She walks everywhere What an enjoyable afternoon!

Nola, the 'walker'


Paula said...

Sounds wonderful.

Connie said...

WoW-glad you had such a nice time.
Sounds like a very enjoyable day!!


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