Thursday, December 17, 2009

Writing to the president as a registered democrat

What would you say if you wrote a letter to the president? First of all I wanted to remind him that there are registered democrats who are pro life, and these are the ones we must depend on now to say no to government funded abortion.
I talked to the president about what he said in his speech when he accepted the Nobel peace prize in Oslo, that there are some causes for which war becomes necessary. I asked him what he thought about violence used to fight abortion violence, for I fear violence from zealots on the right will be very hard to contain if abortion numbers are to go up due to government funding.
A former recent employee of Planned Parenthood spoke in the audio cast to stop abortion funding. She said that during one year of her employment an anonymous donor gave 23 million dollars to be distributed across the nation to women who wanted an abortion but needed funding to do it. She said that abortions went up 100% with funding!
You could just feel the shudder going through the unseen thousands listening. As though approximately 48 million deaths were not enough abortions since Roe vs Wade in 1973, we could possibly expect that number to double with funding!
Which is why I thought the description of where we are today, coming from the website dedicated to stopping the funding was so apt, calling it hanging over a precipace.
An insistence that our tax dollars go to abortion funding is an extremely dangerous development. We don't get to say where our tax dollars go except now. We democrats can stop the government from funding abortion if we can gather the strength to stand firm in our conviction that this is wrong. Democrats as well as republicans will have to vote no in order to kill this bill.
The president cannot sign a bill that does not get past congress. So members of congress must also be held culpable if they vote to expand abortion. Our government is on the verge of becoming more corrupt than ever before in that it will be directly involved in the taking of the lives of the unborn. President Obama's strong support of abortion funding may cause a severe backlash. If you support violence against the totally innocent can this be said to be war for a good cause? Abortion advocates have been trying to persuade us for years that these deaths relieve misery and hardship.
What is wrong with expecting our citizens to be more responsible about conceiving children they cannot afford, emotionally or financially? Anything is better than supporting the death of the child who has done nothing but been 'mistakenly' conceived. Whose fault is that? The parents. So why punish the child.
It used to be that mothers seeking an abortion were going outside the law and the abortionists who provided them with this service were prosecuted if caught. Now the president wants to bail out the biggest abortion provider in the nation, Planned Parenthood, which is intensely involved in lobbying for this bill in Washington. Clinics have been closing across the nation according to this former employee, and there is some desperation here. The economy, of course, has affected women's ability to pay for an abortion, it is thought. Hmm, they are having the kids? Wouldn't that be even more expensive? Quite possibly as pro life factions hope, the belief that abortion is wrong may also be growing stronger, which is why the abortion advocates are trying to make abortion rights 'untouchable.'
Certainly if they are voted in as part of the health plan, it will be extremely difficult to cut out this part of the plan. Advocates know this, so they are hoping to put enough pressure on all the democrats they will cave in and vote yes! If they cave in they have the numbers to pass it! Which is why I reveal I am a registered democrat and ask all democrats to vote their conscience rather than their party.
If this healthplan passes with abortion funding, we will be waking up and going to sleep with abortion as never before. My newspaper, the Arizona Republic, said nothing about this struggle going on in congress right now. The pro life leaders acknowledged that the mainstream media would not address the issue. You would think by their actions they were in the pockets of Planned Parenthood.
I get the idea that the powers that be at the Republic hate the subject. Oh, so let us ignore the fact that the biggest expansion in abortion will be accomplished if this plan passes. The mainstream media has long been muzzled when it comes to the subject of abortion. That is the extent to which our government is already corrupt.
Well, more corruption is on the way which also puts our president at even bigger risk. I would say to all black people, fight abortion if you want to protect your president, because the abortion lobby which is going blindly ahead with their agenda poses the biggest danger to his administration. They are holding him to his promise to give them what they want if he became their candidate, the same promise given by Hillary Clinton. Violence in the form of abortion cannot be protected. It invites danger by its very nature. Violence begets violence!
Some right wing zealots found it extremely difficult even to call the death of Dr. Tiller a murder. it looked more like taking the killer of many second and third trimester children out, because the corrupt government supported such killing. So who is wrong here? We are right to be in a war on Afhanistan after the Taliban, but when a zealot decides to take out a killer in our country of unborn children practically to full term, he is wrong wrong wrong? We are marching with these policies right into a war over the government becoming so corrupt that many may begin to feel they cannot support it. What does our president say to this reasoning? I asked him in my letter.
Legalized abortion advocates are trying to have it both ways, blood shed and death somehow not that. Let abortion be faced for what it is, legalized killing. To ask all citizens to support legalized killing and provide the abortionists with millions to do it is extremely dangerous thinking. In fact it is not thinking. It is folly.

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