Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dante pays a holiday visit in his cool new Christmas togs

I had fun taking photos of Dante in his cool new outfit. HIs dad's cousin Scott gave him the black hat and his mom's friend Jennifer gave him the shirt and pants. Dan, Dante, and I met over to the Arizona Center and each one of us went to a different movie. Dante saw Sherleck Holmes, Dan saw Up in the Air, and I saw Precious, then after a Subway lunch, Dante went home with me for the night.

We were going to make a video but he decided to wait on that. So we made do with a photo session. Dante gots lots of video game playing done on Grandma's computer. He brought a game with him. Doc gave Dante a little monetary gift for Christmas and between the two of us we got him well fed for a couple of days. Dante loves the home made pasta I get at the Farmer's Market, so he ate a ton. Doc contributed chocalate icecream and eggs and sausage this morning. His mom came ot pick him up a little while ago. Dan is working New Years so he went home to her house.
I am glad to end the year with a visit from my grandson Dante as I did not get to see him during Christmas. Wishing you all a Happy New Year!


Larena said...

Dante looks very dashing in this photo. The blue will bring out the color of his great looking eyes. He is indeed a cool kid, and I am glad he had a good Xmas. It is good that Angelina cooperates in you having these great visits. Dante will never forget you. The most important thing to me about the Holidays is building family memories.

Connie said...

I'm so glad you got to visit with him.And glad you had Doc included.
We've got the grandsons for the night and they're bizzy doing the usual,playing their video games.
Don't think I'll watch the New Year come in though..getting tired...
I don't know if you saw my last two posts on WW but I got over my mad spell..and going to use one blog now for tags photos and whatnot.. her is where I'll be..
please stop by...nothing there yet but some of my crap..but will get it going here before long,LOL

ADB said...

Happy new year to you and Doc, Gerry


Amrita said...

Dante is lookimg cool as ever. Happy New Year


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