Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Fashion show for Angelina

First my white cap with a white flower and band.

Second my brown cap with Doc's upside down Christmas tree drawing on the wall in the background.

I saw my grandson's mother, Angelina, yesterday and bought flower decorations from her for my hats. As I picked them out we talked about her situation, and I began to realize that things were not going too well at her house. She still does not have a job and must pay the rent and a large car payment. The more I listened the more I realized that Christmas charity must start at home! I decided this monning to have Doc photograph me in my caps with her decorations as I talked about what I had decided to do on camera. No expensive Christmas gifts will I buy! Instead I will save money to buy some groceries closer to Xmas for Angelina, Dante, and her other two children. I found out that her sister Silver got her three children back in a custody battle and they were living with her, too. Silver's job just evaporated. She had a nervous breakdown after her third child was born and she and her husband were fighting. She has not had the kids but he had 2 DUI's so she won them again. Dante had not mentioned this new development. It is no wonder he might be having some problems in school. But he loves these children and his mom and his little brother and sister. I don't know what to tell him. In fact, I called up my son, Dan, his father, and talked to him. He finally said he had to shower and go get his brakes on his old car fixed. (He needs another one) He said Angelina's car payment is high because her other car broke down and she had to get another one for work. This is the car payment she is having trouble making now.
I hope you enjoy the fashion photos and the fashion show video I made dedicated to Angelina in which I learn once again that charity begins at home!
P.S. Thank you, for the lovely personalized header, dear friend Connie!


Connie said...

you know I'm going to have fun with these pics,lol
and you are welcome sweet lady!!

LaRena said...

I found your cap fashion show very charming. i am so glad you have stayed friends with Angelina. She is such a lovely and likeable girl. I admire her for the effort she has made for her children, and all of her family, and felt sorry she is going through sucjh a rough time. I think Christmas will be less indulgent for many this year and I am very glad you are thinking in terms of helping Angelina, Dante and his siblings, and cousins to have the best possible time.

madcobug said...

Loved your fashion show. I think you have chosen the best gift for her. May she find a good job soon to keep that large family going. Helen

Paula said...

Love the hats and flowers. Good for you to think of helping Angelina and her family.

A Middle Aged Mom said...

I'm loving your hats! said...

I thought you'd publish a way to order the flowers. Is there a website? How does she sell?
I enjoyed seeing all the flowers and your header is striking. I like it too.


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