Saturday, December 19, 2009

Recovering children and getting ready for Christmas

My sister Linda in San Francisco has been tending her granddaughter, Clarke, ( photo) for two weeks at home. She has been suffering from a virulent stomach virus and could not stop throwing up. She has just barely showed signs of getting better but Linda says Clarke has her clothes packed to leave for Phoenix next week for the holidays. Linda said she cooked her chicken soup yesterday, as now she is feeling a little better she wants to eat what she is used to eating and can't. She ate chicken nuggests! Oh, no! Didn't work.
We have been invited to Linda's son Tano's house here in Arizona for the annual Christmas day dinner, so I will be keeping track of Clarke this week to see if she is well enough to travel. She thinks she is!
Linda however says she herself is not going to make the trip, but will opt for coming at a later date when the kids are out of school. She wants to arrive in Utah around the time of the festival in July. That's when I plan to go, too! The theme is Boulder women of history and I am writing about my Grandmother King who had the most influence on me of any woman during my childhood.
My son Dan's old car is down to one gear and no brakes, so he is thinkng about the bus and bicycles. The hotel does not book conventions during the last two weeks in December, so he is home awaiting the new year. There is no finding another job at this time in Arizona. Besides, since he is always writing, this job works out, giving him time to do other projects. He has been working on the website. I checked it out and it looks good and the video system works well. (see it on my blog list at the bottom) I could not help but get a kick out of Dante again playing Sidney in the third episode of Caffeine, "The Idiot." Dante is so cool and believable as the genius kid who cures the young guy who has a seizure. Everytime I see it, it makes me laugh
Dan has also been helping out Dante's mom who hit a rough patch in the road. I am saving for a grocery trip for her and some of the relatives have ordered her flower decorations and contributed to the cause.

Doc and I just got back from the Farmers Market with a poinsettia. Now we will really feel like it is Christmas!


LaRena said...

It is good Dan has time for other projects during the holidays. He is so talented he has to keep his own things going even while working for the hotel. It has been great that he is in a spot where they can keep going. So many restaurants have had to close. I choose one for birthday lunch where Joyce and I used to go but soom found it had closed. The Quilted Bear has been an icon, so I hope it is just remodeling.

LaRena said...

By the way your header turned out lovely. Hope I can get one as good on my Xnas blog. I know Connie helps you sometimes and she is so talented. I go to her blog and admire her creativity. said...

Shayna was working at the Quilted Bear..she said all the stores closed in Utah. So maybe they did there too. So her job is gone.
Gerry, the nice thing about being a writer is that you write when you don't work. Dan will value his writing time, I know.
But the money needs to trickle in. Is Carissa planning to fly or drive to Phoenix? Driving keeps you away from people, but flying is so much shorter in using time.
I hope Clarke can keep down her food.

vooman's voice said...

That is a very cute picture of Clarke and that big puppy. She is feeling much better now and they are going to leave for Phoenix on Thursday night. That was a bad stomach virus she had...poor kid. I think she lost a few pounds as well.


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