Thursday, December 10, 2009

News continues to be good from Texas about Bohemian Cowboy

Raymond's latest blog entry reports that someone who was involved in one of his productions of Blue Baby in Phoenix lives in the town where Texas A&M University is, and she is making connections to get the play done there. It is about an hour and a half from Austin. So now he is beginning to think about touring the play to rural locations in southern Utah as well. He believes he can see possibilities to extend the tour of this play longer, and that, of course, makes him happy to think all the work and worry might pay off. Bringing a polished theater piece to a little country town is I think a gift.
I am thinkng back when we toured Aunt Santhea to several other small towns, and how those nights live in memory even though that has been over 50 years ago.
So that's the latest good news on my family front.


LaRena said...

I was very happy to read your blog today. Raymond is so near and dear to my heart, any good news about his progress gives me a lift. He has worked so hard at his craft it is wonderful that it is starting to pay off. His many contacts are invaluable in his efforts to get bookings and make the tour worth while.

Yes the memories of the Aunt Santeria tour do linger on.

Paula said...

I love that header and the country picture of Raymond too. Yea for Raymond

Cathy said...

Wonderful news, Gerry, a pleasure to read about it. said...

Great Header...very colorful and bright. It sounds like Raymond is gradually getting more attention and is cheering up! Good picture.


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