Saturday, April 17, 2010

Entertaining myself early Saturday evening

First of all I will put the lilacs header up that Connie was kind enough to make for me because lilacs used to be my favorite flower when I was living somewhere they grew. In Arizona my favorite flower is the bougainvillea which is blooming all over Phoenix now. I went to the Farmer's Market this morning and bought some ingredients for hamburger soup, including pepper and onion. Then I had to go pick up my meds at Walgreens early in the afternoon. One prescription was missing as the doctor had not faxed back, so I will have to go up and get that one as soon as it has been filled. But the pharmacist kindly gave me three pills in advance because I had run out.
I decided to go over and pick up a movie at the Red Box since it has been fixed. I decided on "Hurt Locker" which Doc did not like very well, as he can't stand war movies. I thought it was kind of an outstanding movie, very intense, location convincing, but I was glad when it was done, as I am not too fond of war movies either since I hate war and think it is such a waste. Some good movies are coming out this month I want to see, Young Queen Victoria and Crazy Heart.
Raymond is still in Phoenix but very busy, so haven't heard from him today. I did call and talk to him yesterday about a cousin who I thought might be upset about my memoirs. Ever since we sisters starting writing memoirs our cousins have gotten irked at us if we mention their dads, our uncles, in some way they don't like. I am finding that writing memoirs is no easy task, however I am committed to doing it, so I will just keep on regardless of the fallout. I have since found out that cousin does not even own a computer, so I decided the matter wasn't as serious as I first thought.
I am sure this is why years ago I followed the example of my uncle who impressed me a great deal growing up talking to the spirits. I thought it was a fascinating thing to do, and it wasn't very many years until I found a need to do it myself because I was having so much trouble finding people I could talk to. I studied my uncle and thought it could be done a lot more successfully than he did it if certain guidelines were followed. No alcohol! I started reading medium books and conceived the idea of writing dialogues and seeing if whatever spirit I wanted to talk to seemed to flow into my mind. After all, if thousands and thousands of people go on to the spirit world there is no sense in losing contact with them if it becomes difficult to find people on the same page on this plane.
So I filled many journals with dialogues with this spirit and that one. I also developed mind reading with people on this plane that I could not access easily any other way. There are some fascinating people everyone wants to talk to. And invariably these people are claimed by sometimes jealous and possessive people who don't want them to talk to anybody else besides them. Telepathic conversations are sometimes the only way you can get through to these people.
Of course they have to be highly gifted in receiving and sending messages, but there are some people like that. I have run into a few. I found it quite fascinating to send and receive messages in this manner which I would write down usually in dialogue, or else I would just receive the messages without any visible sign of receiving them, if writing down the message was not practical.
When I am very bored, I find that spirits will often find me who know I might be available to talk to them. Some like to talk to people in this realm if they can, but don't find too many who will let them come through. Some are very interested in being interviewed for a blog. As they want to send their thoughts out further into the world if possible.
Believe me, I have wracked my brains to find someone to talk to in this realm but on a late Saturday afternoon, people are usually very busy. I don't know who might want to come through from another realm. I will not try to pick up on any one person yet. I will check first of all with my sister LaRae who has passed to see if she has anyone who wants to talk. I depend on her to bring people around.
LARAE: We are always available. We know it is not good to waste any opportunity to come through. The family all seems weary today. I am always available when no one else is. I make sure I can be tapped at any time. This is what we learn when we come here, to make ourselves a lot more accessible than we may have done while on earth. I think of all the time I wasted not doing much of anything. Little did I know how short my time really was going to be on earth. I would put off answering letters. That was one of the worst things I did. I could have answered them all immediately but I would think oh well, they will probably come back at me and then I will be communicating all the time instead of just once in a while! I just did not fill up my time with enough good solid response when the opportunity was there. I actually made it a habit not to answer a communication for at least 3 weeks. That was my standard. I know you would complain and say what were you doing all that time? I would think the nerve of her. Does she think I have nothing better to do than answer her letters as fast as she answers mine. I actually thought that people who answered your letter as soon as they got them were nerds! I did not see them as just getting to be whizzes at communication instead of slow pokes like me.
GERRY: Hmm. I rarely communicate with anyone now who answers right back. Our sister Ann is the best. She usually answers an e-mail within a day or two. And in a civil manner. I work her to death just because she is better to respond than anyone else. I am sure she is tired and needs a rest today. So I thought I would turn to you.
LARAE: As soon as I hear your ring I get ready to answer. I have learned my lesson.
GERRY: I am trying to blog now instead of sending too many e-mails to just one person.
LARAE: I can tell you right now that communication is the big need and the big lack. It is a simple thing to communicate with a spirit. You just bring that person to mind, think about what they are like, and write down what comes to you as you address that person, what you think they might be saying. It is simply learning how to work on the problem of communication.
GERRY: That's what I do. That's what I have done for years. I remember for years I wrote dialogues to the actor James Dean after he died. He was my age and I was very affected by his death since I was in theater and was writing plays and he was a talented actor.
LARAE: I have talked to him. I looked him up after I passed, and he said he connected to you because your ring was persistent. You kept trying to get his attention and so finally he answered. He said this went on for quite a long time. He regards you as a good friend now. Because you expended this effort to talk to him.
GERRY: I also carried on telepathic conversation with Marlon Brando for years. I would put him in plays and novels. Gary told me the other day he remembers all those letters I sent to Marlon. I didn't really worry about whether he got the letters or not, but just the act of writing them caused the telepathic communication to be stronger.
LARAE: Oh, he will recognize the vibration that came from you when you encounter him again. He was not very open to this vibration while on this plane but he did not go unaffected. That's why none of these efforts were in vain.
GERRY: I feared that Marlon would die like James Dean if he didn't receive better communication. He did live to be considerably older. After him I wrote a play about Robert Redford because he was centered in Utah at the time at Sundance. I kept writing to him to give more people a chance with their films. I wanted him to quit glamorizing outlaws. To get real.
LARAE: He did not want to receive that message very badly, but he could not help but get the vibration of your messages.
GERRY: I would send them to Sundance. I always sent them there. Then I would lose interest in sending messages to famous people. They are always so hard to reach. Everybody wants to talk to them, so unless I had a really strong message for them I would eventually turn to people who were not famous.
LARAE: It's not good to get too famous. Your switchboard gets clogged with so many calls, there is a logjam all the time and nobody gets through. That's why a little bit of fame goes a long ways. A lot of fame is a waste. Your fame is just right. You have planned well. People who really want to can get through because you are not famous to many people. When you get really famous thousands know you. Believe me, that is not an efficient way to get things accomplished.
GERRY: But don't you think I know too few people?
LARAE: You know thousands. Think of all the people you know who have passed. You know hundreds of people who are here. They don't have enough people to talk to. They come here and they are lonely. They feel like they died too soon, as I felt. They miss their families. Like I miss my daughters. It is so aggravating sometimes not to be able to see them! It takes a lot of energy to get to know people. It doesn't just happen. You have to work. You come over here to work. You think about what went wrong, why you died, what lesson you need to learn from that. I work a lot harder here than I did there, because it takes energy to push through and feel like my spirit is reaching my family. It would be a lot easier if I had just lived. I am five years younger than you are. I could have been looking forward to more years of life. Instead of that, I am here working hard every day to keep some sense of a mother in my family's life.
GERRY: So that is what you are saying today, work hard to live, because you will have to work so much harder to reach your family from this realm.
LARAE: That's what I am saying. The key is good vigorous work. You know, get in the habit of reaching out every day to people. Blog, Facebook, telephone, visit, whatever it takes.
GERRY: I decided to let you give your message to the world today instead of just to me.
LARAE: Reaching a spirit you miss is a short put if you are willing to work. The world is too silent. Which means inactive. Not just a spirit in this realm but in any realm.
GERRY: I am getting a little tired. I don't want to make this too long. I will just call it your lesson for today.

Trees, evening, and the communicator made by Connie


Amrita said...

I like that header. Have a good weekend said...

Spirit dialogue on communication is good, makes sense. I don't find that easy as I don't believe myself! It's not quite right for me, so I try to live as active as I can. I think I'll do this life and then do that one..but who knows? I might do more now I have this dumb book done!

Gerry said...

I could never have gotten through a lot of years without spirit dialogues, so this is an old old habit that I just had not shared with the world as I am doing now. Mediumship makes a lot of people nervous, but to me it is just a matter of missing and needing some of the minds who have passed from this realm and learning how to access them, read their minds, pick up their thoughts and what their messages might be to you. I think this activity is usually preceded by feelings of desperation for more depth in communication, discussion of affecting conditions and not being able to get it.


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