Monday, April 5, 2010

Westward Ho, 15 stories, swayed by Baja earthquake

A resident of Phoenix, Arizona, I was sitting to my computer looking out the window yesterday afternoon when I saw my blinds shaking and heard some creaking and cracking as the building where I live perceptibly swayed! Ooh, that is a unique experience from 9 stories up. The first tremor I felt living in the Westward Ho absolutely terrified me. I just wasn't used to being in a building that tall when an earthquake caused it to sway. But this time, although the tremor was fairly strong, I thought well, the epicenter is probably close enough to cause this, but this is not earthquake country so it is probably going to quit swaying before it falls down and it did!
Other residents in tall apartment buildings in Phoenix reported swaying and creaking on the news. One guy 15 stories up swore his apartment building, the Landmark, swayed so much his nerves couldn't take it and he ran down the fire escape. I was not about to take an elevator the rest of the afternoon as some elevators were reported jamming, but this was mostly in southern California in places like San Diego not too far north of the quake.
The news reported that the Mexicali area had another earthquake a year ago. Yuma, Arizona got shaken pretty good. I'd hate to have been there.
Otherwise all is well, but an earthquake of any size always behooves you to start thinking that anything can happen and we better get ready for change. You know, I was just sitting there thinking nothing ever happens and the earth shook!

My apartment windows on the 9th floor can be seen facing east in this photo of the Westward Ho, landmark old hotel building in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. It was built in 1928! Header photo taken when it was operating as a luxury hotel. I took the second photo after it had been converted to subsidized housing for seniors and the disabled and I moved there. I love this building, it has so much history! I love living in old hotels with ghosts of the past residents forever haunting the place. I will soon be one, too.


Connie said...

Oooh and they say watch what you wish for...or complain glad your building wasn't harmed nor all you nice people in it. I was wondering when they said Arizona felt some of the quake if you all fared alright.
Thank You God!!!

Connie said...

Hmmm-- there was nowhere to comment on your previous entry...Lovely to see someone still wears Easter bonnets,and Doc with his ,too,LOL...

Amrita said...

I thought about you when I saw the news. Thank God you are safe

Paula said...

Gerry so glad you and your building are okay. As I've said before I think your building is lovely.


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