Monday, April 12, 2010

Funny end to jaunt out to the wrong place again to get renter's rebate

Doc and I took the Dash (free city bus) and returned to the Department of Revenue only to learn this was not the place! Really. A lady there said that they used to help people with such, but the volunteers stopped coming to help the helpless so they stopped. However, she quickly took me through my form, and actually showed me how to do it so I will even be able to help myself next year. She made a copy so I can help Doc through his and I was able to file it right there!
When I got home I learned that I had misunderstood some of the people who told me, because they went to the Indian Tribal Council helpers where they waited in line, just as Doc and I were going to have to do. They did not go near the capitol at all. But when my friend Trudy (she is 83) went out there someone must have taken pity on her and done hers, too, she was so upset. I was upset because that was my second trip out there. Somewhere maybe there is another building out there where they really do do it, but I doubt it.
Now I hope to remember just how she did it so I can do it next year, staying home. I thought you might get a small kick out of this story.

This is how glad I was when I got this done (Connie sent me this today and I thought to use it here)

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Lori said...

Glad that turned out well for you! Maybe misunderstanding was a blessing in disguise.


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