Sunday, April 4, 2010

I called three sons, finally got one on the phone this morning

Dante is in the top photo sitting on the Easter Bunny's lap when he was about three. Raymond is with Baby in Margaret Hance Park where we went when he was on his way to Austin. The second photo is of Dan with his aunts at the Boulder Heritage Festival last summer. Gary is at Boulder Heritage Festival in the bottom photo. The last one is a headshot of Dante on the bottom for his actor's portfolio. He started his career in his Dad's and Raymond's Caffeine show as "Sidney."

Raymond said he and Baby arrived at his brother Gary's last night which is to the east. My son Dan also lives with him. He said he and Gary and Dan visited last night, as he filled Dan in on how many cars Gary bought trying to become a race car driver. Angelina brought Dante by last night to see him as his aunt and uncle from LA are here to take him back to California to go to school down there.

We are all going to miss him, but I hope he can keep us up with his activities on Facebook. He just got on there. Dan just got a motorcycle. He is known for the trip he made clear across the country when he got out of naval basic training back east on a motorcycle! Ouch. I hope that he stays alert. Angelina, Dante's mom, had to let her car go back. So Dan is going to give her his old car so at least she can get around some. Angelina just had too many bills to keep up with. Dan is petitioning to go back to school and work part time as his back is giving him problems when he works too many hours lifting, etc. on his job. So he decided he needed to study for a different kind of job. He probably put some wear and tear on it playing varsity basketball in high school. He played basketball non stop there for a few years. He never got badly injured then, but the back doctor said there is always some wear and tear on the back playing a major sport long.
Raymond's old white pickup truck made it in from Austin. He said it has got about 200,000 miles on it! The Gods were with him and Baby. He will have to rent a car to go to LA and then he will go on to Utah in old pickup. It's still got a dented headlight from hitting a deer coming back over the Boulder mountain! He is going to the Elephant theater in LA where he first premiered his show, "Bohemian Cowboy" to meet with a director there about another play they are going to do at the Elephant Theater, so it is going to be an exciting trip for him. "Under the Desert" is a play he revised and produced three different times. It is a two character show.
All these trips around to do this show in big cities is paying off with more contacts. Raymond loves Austin and I noticed on FB he promises to be back next fall. He was having fun singing there. That's a great town for his kind of music and song writing.
I don't think he is going to have time to blog. If not, he will post an entry in Cowboys and Bohemians when he gets back. He has been a very busy guy the last two weeks!
He and I will meet when he gets back and go to the park a little ways from here so Baby can show me her stuff!
Happy Easter to all! It's been some day!


Amrita said...

Enjoyed that video Gerry and your spring hats on display.

Good idea to pass off your old garments to others when you get tired of the,

We just give our old clothes to poor peeople.

Why was your son fined for your grandson 's absence? I think the kid should have been penalized to bunking school.

nice pix

salemslot9 said...

you both look
very nice


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