Sunday, April 25, 2010

I hate to dream about little green mambas

We always have a few poisonous things in our lives, and the little green mambas dream meant a few in mine, my Memoir chapters coming up, so had to take a break so I could stand to write about the bad stuff. There were good things happening along with so I hope I can think of enough of those to counteract the effects of the deepening of crises in our lives due to my dad's drinking as well as the actions of another man.
In the meantime I was heartened by reading about the life of a great doctor, Paul Farmer, who went to Haiti to administer to the poorest worst off people in the world long before the recent earthquake. The name of this book is "Mountains Beyond Mountains" by Pulitzer Prize winner, Tracy Kidder, so if you ever sorta lose your faith in mankind here is the book to get it restored. It is a very good antidote to a book about serial killers, "A Single Shot" by Camille Kimball which I just wrote about, the ones who terrorized Phoenix a few years ago.
Right now I am to a place in this new book where Dr. Paul Farmer has gone to Peru because of a very serious problem developing with the treatment of TB. Many have become immune to the drugs for several reasons, mostly due to stopping the treatment and then starting it again which tends to build immunity to the drugs. So a very virulent form of TB is developing because those who acquire it from these contacts are also drug resistant. Dr. Farmer is down there consulting with those concerned with possible epidemics to see what can be done. They have decided they must treat these people even though the cure is going to be very expensive, but they have decided they cannot afford to let this virulent form of TB spread.
I don't know how they are doing now with this, but I am sure that all those who were working in Haiti are really busy now with the effects of the earthquake. A great humanitarian who owned a construction company gave millions of dollars to Dr. Farmer for medicine and a treatment center in Haiti. It takes people who care about the poor and impoverished to get together to do anything significant about improving their lives. Dr. Farmer gets so irate when he thinks about how the greed of a few was mostly to blame for impoverishing the people of Haiti even more by building a dam that caused many of them to become homeless and did not benefit them at all! Plus the two dictators, Duvelier and his son, 'Baby Doc' would keep a good portion of any help they received from other countries to improve the lives of the poor until finally 'Baby Doc' gave up his reign and left the country. I remember that happening. Then Dr. Farmer helped a priest called Artistide to win the election who was displaced a year later by a military coup probably backed by the US. Anyway, as happens so often in these struggling countries, whoever rules turns out to be a disappointment or if he is doing any good is soon replaced but not improved upon.
I got this book to read more about Haiti as I thought it would be a good book to catch me up on its history, and it was. I did not know about this Doctor Farmer, and now I am glad that I do. The green mambas are the greedy dictators who rob the people for their own pleasure and live in luxury while most of the people starve and suffer a little more.
I talked to my son Raymond yesterday who said that when he finally arrived back home in Boulder where he acquired Baby she was so surprised and pleased to find herself 'home' again she went wild for hours. She expressed her joy her master had done the right thing and taken her home again! After a winter away she probably doubted she would ever see that place again. They stayed a lot of places and Baby played with a lot of dogs and I am sure she learned a great deal, but now she is home, so that made Raymond happy to see his dog so happy!
Now little green mambas, please stay out of my dreams! Although I know that life is composed of the bitter along with the sweet and we all must adjust.

P.S. I forgot to add that I was able to talk to my sister Linda last night in San Francisco who was pleased to learn her website had been featured in Ann's blog, Beauty in Art on my blog list. She said she fell into a gopher hole and injured her ligaments trying to keep from falling, so now a big lump comes into her leg when she tries to sit down to the computer and she can't stay on it more than five minutes, so has not been able to get back to put captions on her photographs. She wishes she had just fallen down, but I don't. It could have been worse. Remember if you go to Facebook do a search on my name Gerry (King) Hitt or just Gerry Hitt and look among my friends to find the right Linda King. If you appreciate art these photos are worth seeing. I have always known she had a goldmine in those photos which show her great work. She has been laboring away for years doing these heads of people. If you will remember she is the one suffering with numb hands and feet, but I don't think she realizes how hard she pushed that clay all those years and I think that might have something to do with the inflammation in her hands. She has also suffered a number of injuries and sprains of her fingers and other limbs fighting with one of her husbands. Linda is a fighter, but it is hard for a woman to get the best of a man.

She said that she and her son Scott Hall have just about finished the screen play adapted from her memoir about her life with Charles Bukowski, the writer. Then he is hoping to find the backing to make the movie. I told her my dreams say she will finish in the money with this horse (her screen play)! Bukowski taught her race track lingo. So I know she figured in my dream, too, as well as my son with his screenplay, play, and synopses for movies. Raymond will soon be revved up to full speed ahead for the summer Heritage Festival featuring music and history! A great place to go in the summer if you have never been there.

Race horse painted by Linda.

Header done by Connie shows the sunrise we watched took place somewhere else, at the same time we watched our own. We have also watched sunrise in Greenland, Turkey, and on an island (the one pictured). You never know where "Sunrise" on TV will be.

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I can't remember seeing this race horse picture. I like it very much. I do hope the race (to fame or at least some fortune) will find a winner among us. Linda said she almost fell, but I didn't know she had twisted her leg so bad. I hope she can recover soon.

LaRena said...

This is a lovely painting of a race horse. she got the detail so good it almost looks like a photograph.

Connie said...

I can picture Baby running around with such delight...makes me smile ;-)
Sure wish we had that sunrise channel..that would be so neat...
Sorry about Lindas leg -hope she mends quickly..gosh she sure can paint and draw well!!

vooman's voice said...

I made it down to the therpist today and she worked on my upper back. I need another doctor's orders for her to work on the lower half. I am suppose to do diffeent stretches and exercise. I hope hey wor.


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