Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Having breakfast at IHOP with Raymond

The photo was taken in front of IHOP. A very nice morning of visiting with Raymond. He left Baby home to Gary's because it is getting hot in Phoenix. He said he would bring her by another day. He seems to be having a wonderful week of visiting before heading north to Utah. He has a lot of people in Phoenix to connect up with. Wednesday evening he is planning to go out and see his sister Ronda, her husband Chad, and sons Ethan and Jamal, so asked me to ride out with him, which I will be glad to do. We might not get to see Raymond for some time. We don't want to miss any visiting time. I will let him tell you what about his trip to Los Angeles in his blog. I don't know when he will get back to blogging with all the running he has been doing! He is staying to his brother's Gary's where he can see both of his brothers, Dan and Gary. Lookin' good, Raymond!


Missie said...

Hearing of the great breakfast at IHOP, I'm now hungry for pancakes. LOL

salemslot9 said...

what did you order?

Gerry said...

I hate to say what I ate in front of Missy, but maybe she won't see this. It was about 11:30 so I ordered the bacon home fries, pancakes side and scrambled eggs. He ordered the same except his were sausage home fries. And he said he had to go lose his stomach and I said I was trying to lose mine. No wonder when we eat like this. But it was beyond good!

Amrita said...

Gerry what is the full form of IHOP?

Lori said...

I love IHOP! I always get the chicken florentine crepe, or something like that. I always forget what it's called until I get there. I know it's a crepe filled with chicken, spinach, mushrooms, and cheese and it is SO good!


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