Sunday, April 11, 2010

Meeting deadline for property tax refund credit by April 15th and catching up with other news!

I look happier in the photo than I am since I will be making my third attempt in the morning to claim this tax refund credit. I used to do this myself until I made a mistake and never did get the full refund, so then I have taken it to volunteers at the Westward Ho to do it the last few years but they quit coming. So I went out to find the State Tax place where I was told I would get help. The security guard thought I was there to get help to make out my state tax and sent me away. Now I find out this was the right place but I have to go past him across to a room where those getting property tax refund credit can get help! Doc thought he had a place on Saturday, so we went up Central to it and found out we were about 42 on the list, and there were people there to get help with all kinds of taxes so we decided we would come back home and go back out to the state capitol to the Department of Revenue again. I have had many people directing me, and all sounded like a different place, but I think I have enough information now I can return and find it. I better be able to find it or disgruntled partner will have something to say about that!
I hope you all have your income tax taken care of or an extension. I have been reminding my sons. I am sure my daughter has hers all done.
I am busy having Doc take photos of me in different hats now I no longer wear glasses. But if he gets a droopy eye or shows a bra strap I have to throw away. He is getting impatient as my photographer and the fact I have 25 hats or more including caps. I ordered 5 more hat decorations from my ex daughter-in-law Angelina I guess you would call her, but we are still good friends. She called and told me about Dante leaving and going to California for the rest of the school year. I do so hope he is happy down there in school. He just got up on Facebook so I hope to talk to him there.
Raymond called and said he took his two brothers, Gary and Dan, to see Crazy Heart with Jeff Bridges, as he loves that movie. Raymond just got back from California but he knows so many people, former students, actors, playwrights here in Phoenix he is going to be busy a week trying to see everybody. We are going to meet Tuesday for breakfast and will go to the park with Baby. I am sure Baby was overjoyed that he came back after five days in Gary's backyard.

He said he might need to go back to Austin to do more work on a musical project he is working on with an actress he met in Phoenix who now lives in Austin. I am going to tell him to tell Lucy to come to Boulder for the festival. She and her husband would probably love it.
I am having to work myself up to another chapter of my memoirs that covers another death of one of the Kings due to alcohol. We could hardly stand this one. I can hardly stand to write about it. It was such an upsetting death because he was so young. But usually by the time I am ready to post it, the writing is done, in my mind.
Doc and I really had quite a delightful afternoon watching my favorite golfer, Arizona's own Phil Michelson (sp) win the Master's for the third time. He played well today. His wife who has been treated for breast cancer was very emotional as was he after the win. He was wearing that pink ribbon of support on his cap.

My friend Rolain is undergoing chemo for breast cancer in Utah and my sister Ann says she has been more upset with her hair falling out than with hardly anything. She is a beauty operator and her hair always looks beautiful. She is a 'downwinder,' that is she got some of the fallout from the Nevada nuclear tests in southern Utah. She remembers watching the explosions with her husband. Two of my sisters were downwinders who developed cancer and so was a former brother-in-law. I was not in southern Utah at the time.

I was sad to hear that an ex-blogger named Joyce who we knew as SpringAngel has lost her daughter. Her daughter was having a struggle at the time. She had two children so now their care will probably be the responsibility of Joyce and her husband. Her daughter had diabetes and had to have her feet operated on. If you go to Call for Support and leave a comment I am sure Guido will convey these words of sympathy to her. I thought she was a very nice woman. I believe her blog was called Treasure Chest of Life. Was it not?
It really is spring here in Phoenix. Not too hot yet, just right! A wonderful spring for wild flowers with all the rain. I love those years.

Connie made the beautiful header of spring. Connie is a mind reader. She now sometimes anticipating my next thought. And has sensed what I was going to need to write about. And sends a creation that fits. That's an artist.


Paula said...

You do look happy in that photo Gerry and I love the new header. You are so photogenic. My income tax is in the mail, thank goodness.

Connie said...

I think we are sympatico my dear friend...

I didn't know SpringAngel,I am sorry for the famlies loss..

Send Rolaine my deepest prayers for her recovery!! said...

I tried to write a comment about your great happy horse picture, but it wouldn't take. I'm hoping this one will. Tell connie I think she is nothing but talented!
I love that dancing horse. I am hoping to get a refund in the mail some time soon. I hope you get yours.


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