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New Tougher Immigration Law causes agitation in Phoenix, Arizona

I think everyone in the city is going to be affected one way or another. I have been watching videos on the subject on Youtube all evening. I have a man who sends me videos on subjects in the news and I go from them to other related video views. I am going to make a video in the morning. I am still not quite sure what I am going to say, but I have to support the law, and I will try to tell you some of the reasons why. Illegals have not stopped flowing into the city. Police are still arresting smugglers and large loads of illegals. The difference in the new law is that those smuggled can now be charged as well as the coyotes who brought them here. I watched a recent Sheriff Arpaio video who says that he believes arrest will do the most to discourage illegals. He says a free trip back to Mexico has not done anything to deter the same ones from returning again and again.
I talked to an illegal on the west side more than twelve years ago who said when he got arrested and taken back, it was his third time, and each time he had immediately turned around and walked back. He was an onion picker who always returned for the harvest. Sheriff Arpaio said no money can be made in jail. He thinks if the National Guard arrested people at the border and kept them for a certain amount of time for crossing the border that would be the biggest deterrent to border crossings he thinks the US could come up with. But he says the US does not enforce immigration laws. He believes he is the only sheriff who is enforcing the law, but he says the rash of kidnappings by the drug cartels have been cut way back since he started arresting people. He said the drug cartels were targeting illegals in the drug rackets for kidnappings and murders.
He seems a lot more interested in violent criminals than any others which he says the steady flow across the border has fostered. I know that coyotes are still smuggling people in as every few days there is an arrest in the news, a drop house is raided, or a transport van is stopped for a traffic violation and some have been involved in wrecks. People who keep track of crime know that the flow of illegals is still going on. Those in law enforcement can furnish all the statistics you want on the criminal activities of illegals. The drug smuggling from Mexico has been huge for a long time.
I do think that people will calm down once they realize that law enforcement is spread far too thin to be arresting Hispanic people who have done nothing but forgotten their ID. Balancing the budget has caused Governor Brewer to have to make severe cuts in the budget anyway she can. Good heavens, this budget crunch alone is going to make it impossible for law enforcement to arrest innocent people. They can't even cover the criminal population adequately.
I think everyone should ask themselves how long could we reasonably continue to let our borders remain as open as they have been. If there is no real punishment for the crime of crossing the border that will keep people home, they will continue to come. By the thousands. I don't think people in states that are not on the border have any idea just how porous our borders have been for years and years. Now the governments of states like California and Arizona have been devastated by the recession and are seeking to cut costs anyway they can.
If you went to a Maricopa County Clinic for health care as I did for years, servicing people on State Aid, you would probably be shocked at the numbers of Mexican women with many small children in these clinics who do not even speak English! I think America has been incredibly generous to the poor of Mexico, but now our own resources are starting to run thin.
I have read so many articles for so many years discussing the problem. The birth rate in Mexico remains high, probably partly because so many could cross the border and receive free service on welfare. I would defy liberals to go to these clinics for years as I have and not see that a big problem was going to be forthcoming down the road. That day has arrived.
I never allowed myself to become upset or begrudge any of these women what they could get in the US. They came because they would be better off here. I spent 20 years on the west side in a 90 percent Mexican population, but in the last years I spent there the section where I lived close to 35th avenue and Van Buren became increasingly a little Mexico. So many lived around that area that did not speak English, the signs on the businesses etc. started to change to Spanish, until eventually Spanish signs predominated. But as law enforcement started to crack down on illegal immigration many of these businesses have closed.
This is what I think is wrong with illegal immigration. When people originate in another country and cross the border into the US in great numbers, the US government can have no influence on the burgeoning population in Mexico, their point of origin. I think Mexico has relied on the US to take the overflow for years, so there was no reason for them to seriously address the population numbers they could not put to work. They would overflow to the US.
Any serious changes would of course upset Mexico and the ones most apt to immigrate. But I don't think we can allow our emotions to rule when we address this issue. If we think about the hardship change will impose we will never make the changes. That's why we haven't up to now.
Years ago migrant workers came here under a policy, and were expected to work a certain amount of time to do the harvest or whatever and then were expected to return to Mexico, but this policy was soon not being enforced and that is the way it has been ever since. Our laws did not change about illegals violating the law by crossing the border to stay, but enforcement of the law did change.
Now desperation is starting to happen by the ones affected adversely by illegal immigration. Ask what your state has been providing illegals for years. I know they have been provided here with welfare, food stamps and free health care for years. Now the state is cracking down. Food stamps are not going to be provided. Health care is not going to be provided. Does the US government plan to provide free health care to indigent illegals?
I feel that some employers have taken advantage of the low wages they can pay illegals. I believe their profits have been higher as a result. Why do companies move their plants to Mexico and other foreign countries, but to take advantage of cheap labor? Illegals are used to being exploited but most Americans are not which is why I think resentment has grown when employers naturally want to take advantage of cheap labor in our own United States provided by illegals. So there is now a crackdown of employers who have used illegals primarily, so they are upset.
I think when Americans are out of a job they will do about any labor to keep from starving to death just like anybody else. When we have had such a deep recession and so much unemployment the flow of illegals still coming causes more resentment.
I think Arpaio who I happen to think can be quite a repelling man still has good ideas on how to stop the flow. He is our elected Sheriff and he was popular enough to be re-elected, so like him or not, he is the one we have to look to to change, and he has had to deal with drug smuggling on a massive scale, and the kidnappings and murders that go with it to say nothing of other crimes illegals commit.
I thought it was a mistake to put Janet Napolitano into the job of homeland security because she was never tough enough on crime and illegal immigration. This is one area where I think the liberal democrat has not performed well.
The west side area where I lived in subsidized housing was unimaginably violent, rife with gang wars over drugs, constant gun fire. Drugs, drugs, drugs, murders and more murders. Murder over profit.
I could not keep moving to more subsidized housing, because there are very few I could get into that had the three bedrooms I was required to rent. I had become too disabled to work, so I was in a bad fix. I had to seek help so my kids would have shelter and food on the table. It is very tough to become too weak to hold down a job. You are worried sick, and you have to learn to follow the path that others have gone who became disabled and could not work. You have to learn how to survive so your kids can survive, too!
In subsidized housing or indeed in a lot of poor neighborhoods where crime is rife, the only thing I thought that stood between me and my family getting shot were the police! We had to call them nearly every weekend. And they always showed up. Your relatives wouldn't even visit you in that neighborhood. I have not been able to get any liberal democrats to listen to my accounts of violence on the west side, do my plays, and most artistic theater directors are liberal democrats.
When somebody has to get arrested, and somebody has to go to jail, liberals tend not to support police action as necessary. I learned to be grateful for the police on the west side, and I learned to cry when one of them got shot, and believe me a lot of policemen have gotten shot in Phoenix.
Yes, there is police brutality, but what about thug brutality?? You think illegals who are bringing huge amounts of drugs into this country are nice people? Liberals act like all you have to do is be nice to people and they will be good people. You can't argue with a gun. Only the police can do that. I found myself living in a very violent world among many illegals. Where I was scared all the time. I slept with one ear open all night. They could break in. They did break into many apartments. They shot up apartments, and most of the violent crime I would say had to do with Mexico, drugs, and illegal activity.

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Everyone is interested in how Arizona will handle their new law.
Liberals are screaming "racial profiling" when cops are just wanting some way to handle the incoming flow that makes sense. Al Sharpton rushing to Phoenix tends to aggravate me...since he has taken on the the job of leader of the liberals. Everyone eventually feels the pinch of the costs of illegal immegration.

Gerry said...

California tried to pass a tougher law regarding benefits, welfare, medicaid, and food stamps, and it got struck down in the court. I think the federal government is closer to recognizing that immigration laws must be enforced to have any effect whatsoever on the 3,000 to 8,000 A DAY estimated to be crossing the border. The idea seems to prevail of being humanitarian to the poor in Mexico but when this goes on for years and years it begins to seem like immigration is the hot potato nobody wants to deal with to affect change, but two border states, Arizona and California, are in a deep deep hole with their budgets. I think who illegals need to pressure now is Mexico, the country of origin. With the support and help of big brother the US which has I think been incredibly generous to them for many years. Now let the United States help Mexico to keep her own, make room for them, jobs for them, act like they belong to them. You would think we needed another country to produce citizens for us and Mexico has obliged by taking on the job.


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