Friday, April 30, 2010

Arizona Governor Brewer speaks about the 'porous' border

Governor Janet Brewer said on Channel 3 this morning that the border is patrolled but not well enough and that the crackdown is for illegals who come here and get involved in criminal activities. The legislature was busy last night altering some of the wording of the bill that has caused reactions, hoping to keep racial profiling from seeming like such a threat. Inevitably, however, Hispanics are going to be nervous. If you look like the illegals, you are bound to be more uncomfortable than those who don't, but how else are you going to deal with illegals if they are not stopped at the border? This is a way to make up for an insecure border.
I do not believe that if illegals were not causing many problems, this measure would have been passed. This Governor has had to look very closely at many problems as she has been trying to balance the budget with cuts everywhere. A lot of people are being affected by the lack of state income. Believe me. So now the illegals are coming under the spotlight. Nobody is escaping who is costing the state money. If illegals did not commit crimes this would not be happening. The drug trafficking is HUGE with every way imaginable being used to get drugs across the border, even to carriers who are walking!
What would people who protest this bill suggest should be done about these illegal lawbreakers and how? The huge amount of drugs that have been confiscated suggests just how many drugs are coming across the border that have not been detected. I would say that law enforcement has been overwhelmed with crime. That's why Arizona has been desperate enough to pass a law that they knew was going to be unpopular among many, many who do not have the onus on them to stop illegal drug trafficking and other crimes illegals commit. Criminals must be happy to have people trying to protect them despite their illegal status and law breaking activities. Entering the country illegally is only the first law that some break. Getting away with that makes other laws that much easier to ignore in my opinion.
Reactions were to be expected especially from those who have been affected adversely financially. Mayor Gordon is worried about Phoenix's investment in the civic center which will be affected by those groups who might cancel on having conventions in Arizona. That has always kept Arizona cautious about riling any groups who might boycott Arizona, but desperation leads to extreme measures. I was glad to see that President Obama may be looking at the situation with new consideration about the time for the Federal government to act so the border states won't feel driven to acting on their own. Janet Napolitano should certainly be able to inform him about some of the realities of problems caused by the constant flow of illegals in Arizona. That was partially why she was named as the head of inland security, but can there be real security with such a porous border that hundreds can slip through in a day? Governor Brewer stated today that anybody could come through this border. It's a long border and therefore mighty tough to secure. And so far the US government has chosen not to make it any more secure than it is, which to many people's minds is not secure at all. Janet Napolitano was quoted as saying that the border is as secure as it has ever been! Which many have pointed out is a problem. It has never been secure enough! Governor Brewer suggests that not enough money is being spent on border patrols and agents. A secure border is still not top priority in the US. Without secure borders hundreds of people are crossing all the time so how can we have real inland security? People are used to porous borders, that's why. Securing the border might seem fascist to many. Unnecessary, but when governors and legislators decide it has become necessary, those who deal with the problems, it would seem like a good time for the President to think about getting more involved in immigration.
As long as so many people are upset, both for and against the law, we are not able to think about too much else in Arizona. This bill is still the topic on everyone's mind.

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DB said...

Gerry, thank you for this thoughtful article about the new Arizona law. As one who is distrustful of it, I can certainly see it's worth and hope that it gets honed and specified to help prevent the possible bad effects for people and the state.



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