Saturday, April 24, 2010

My dream last night about an exciting horse race in California

I came awake with a start after having this dream: three horses were pounding down the fast track somewhere in California neck to neck, all going to finish in the money. IN THE MONEY! I tried to think what this dream could mean and I got that it could mean three people in the family were going to finish in the money in a race of great excitement on the fast track in California. I could not sleep any longer, so got up at 5 am to find that Ann whose blog is listed on my blog list 'Beauty in Art' was featuring my sister Linda King's web site. That was very exciting to find there. I had simply left a comment saying she might be interested in seeing the 59 sculptures and their subject photos Linda has put up on Facebook. Ann says there were 500 Linda King's listed on Facebook. Linda, are you listening, you and Scott both might need to put something else in your names to distinguish them so you can be found! But Ann found her website and featured it instead, but it does not have nearly as many of the startling sculpture photos contrasted with their subjects that Linda has posted on Facebook. You can truly see from them what a great eye she has for likeness.
Charles Bukowski, of course, was defined by the race track where he went most every day so my dream certainly features Linda and her association with him. I think this dream is also about my son Raymond's work who has a horse in the running on the fast track in Los Angeles, California, who right now is headed for Boulder, Utah, my hometown, where he lives during the summer. And maybe the other horse is yours truly Gerry King whose early life has certainly been defined by horses. Could it be that we will all come into the money on the fast track in California? I like to think that is the meaning of this dream. I was certainly catapulted int a wonderful mood seeing that exciting race in my dreams. Here's to the strong, the fast, and the persistent who can surely win in the money if they keep trying!

Here is the link to Ann's blog: Ann, I have an idea. My Facebook name is Gerry (King) Hitt. If you go to it you may access my friends and the right Linda King will be among them! Any of the rest of you may find the right Linda King on Facebook by going to my profile first.

header by Connie closest thing I could find in my file to portray how the horses were running in my dream.

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