Saturday, May 1, 2010

Watching the Kentucky Derby on Doc's 46 in. TV

We watched Calvin Borel win on Mine that Bird last year but not on such a beautiful TV. This year I got to watch all the great Kentucky Derby hats I wanted to. This is one of my favorite sports events because it is the biggest fashion show of picture hats I know of. I didn't think of getting my camera so I could take a few of those, too, as there were some doozies.
Doc's friend 'old Jack' was there because he had placed a $20 bet on Super Saver. We also watched another guy who had won $100,000 to bet on the Kentucky Derby. Yes, he bet the money on Super Saver. So guess who nearly fell down in excitement when Super Saver with that canny jockey Calvin Borel aboard came through, Calvin Borel's 3rd or 4th Derby win in as many years. So sue me, I don't quite remember how many.
Old Jack got so excited when Calvin started to pull away from the pack. He couldn't believe it. He was more excited than the guy who bet $100,000 and rushed off as soon as it was over to the off tracking betting place at the VW to collect his winnings. He said he bet $20 and would win around $160.
I kept taking photos but they are sort of dark, and I had to figure out how to turn off the flash button so I took the header photo from the one on AOL. Isn't it a beauty. It was also great to see Trainer Todd Pletcher finally get a horse into the winner's circle after so many tries. You can see his nose and mouth in the photo of Calvin Borel. (Sorry) The jockey gets most of the glory especially on one of the muddiest tracks in memory.

Those horses were all covered in mud when they got done. The Jockey and that great horse who looked very satisfied with himself. Calvin says he's going for the Triple Crown on this horse. He can do it!
Doc is so impressed with the fact that I actually rode horses in my youth he thinks that I relate to all horses. Well, I kind of do in a way, but nobody has ever been as impressed with my horsy background as he is.
Jack has known Doc longer than I have so he was interested in Doc's ongoing discussion of my objection to him killing himself all the time. We discussed whether there was a spirit or not, as I brought home the movie "Lovely Bones," yesterday which is full of the spirits of the murdered girl victims of this serial killer. I thought this movie was very disjointed and all over the place. Peter Jackson who made the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy had a big hand in writing and direting it so I don't know what happened there. I read the book and thought it could have been made into a great movie. It was well cast, and the spirit fields of the hereafter were beautiful, but like I said, the spirit world just seemed too nebulous. Doc had a fit, as he described it to Jack. He doesn't believe in the spirit anyway and this movie needed to be very good to impress him. So it didn't help. I don't know when I will dare bring another movie home. He also hated "The Wrestler" too, but I just wanted to see how Mickey Rourke had aged, but I know enough one trick pony guys who don't care if they kill themselves or not, so I didn't really love this movie either.
I am so hoping for better results from "The Young Victoria" and "Crazy Heart."
If you watched the Kentucky Derby I hope your TV screen was as nice and big and in HD like Doc's. If he dies I will kill him!

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